Tuesday, 6 April 2010

That Arthur Scargill’s 2iC moment.

Oh yes, I’ve had another one; and I got my polling card today.

Firstly; the Bow was good, as was the Magners, and I asked my guests a couple of questions which surprised me with the answers I received.

I asked “When China was part of the Prophet’s sphere of fuckwitzdom did you find it interesting that China was quickly shut down?”

Then asked “When China marched into Tibet in 1951 what were they after?”

Of course there were subtexts to my asking the questions but I was quite taken aback by the answers.

In both cases the answer was “No they didn’t!!!”

Now that puzzled me because one of my fellow Zider Zwillers knows plenty about the Prophet’s fuckwitzdom in Nigeria and West Africa. So has he got a blind spot when it comes to Cathay? Or am I mistaken?

The other guest is Chinese so he should know, and he insisted that 1959 was the date. Again was I wrong?

Too much Bowtime then to check the facts so I let it ride and got on with some other yakking.

Freedom; has it gone? Well as my Magner swilling mate remarked; “If you lived in a state of nature then you might be free. If you lived in a benevolent state with benign rule then you might still be free. We live in a malign state that keeps our every move under permanent surveillance. A state that has put in place the mechanisms to stitch us up if and when that state’s controllers want. Work it out.” Doh!!

So time to check my facts.

China: Sailors and Islam

I posted about Japan thankfully keeping the hordes at bay a while back.

I’ve read a lot of stuff over the years about Hakata Bay 1274. The story I like most is that the local Samurai met the douche bags on the beach and although they were all wiped out they put up such a stunning defence on the day that the Mongols went back to their boats instead of establishing the bridgehead that day.

So that’s the first objection taken care of.

Now then, now then.

China: Tibet and what was going on in there? As you can see Tibet was attention central. The Nasties were in there ten or more years earlier and exported some Tibetan monks to Berlin to do translation work on the ancient Kangschur texts!!!

I’ll take that one; with very early 1950s as opposed to very late 1950s.

I’ll also raise an eyebrow when considering the epic struggle in China that so weakened the place they could still take Tibet. Kind of like the Soviets being soooo on their knees when the Nasties booted their door in they could still send troops into the mid East to secure oil with UK forces!!!! Oh yess??? No tooo weakened then in either case!

Is this important? Yes because the common theme of these rabid belief systems is the stench of death. The pall of rotten corpses and carrion hangs from their every utterance, word and deed.

And they are still here waiting.

My polling card is an invitation to give my consent to a process that seeks to destroy and undermine my country and way of life. I will have no real choice. Whenever I hear the word “Change” I know I’m watching a manikin barking at me. A Stepford Wife programmed not to please but to deceive and feed back NLP mood music to sooth my critical faculties. I and most others do not want the change that they bring. Change that means you end up poorer every day and choices removed stealthily by sleight of hand. Change is not for the better, ever, with these creeps. It means stealing what you have and/or could have.

The aim is to pull a massive global Saul Alinsky neighbourhood gangster scam. Those whose lives are currently blasted by the pestilence so carefully outlined by Beveridge are to be told that the way to improve their lot is to take what they want from those who have, and can be so denuded of their, property and freedom. Just like the Soviets did in Russia. Maurice Strong’s family were knee deep in the planned killing by starvation there all that time ago and Maurice is knee deep in the UN plotting to kill off anyone who raises a voice against any of the planned madness that is to be unleashed in the world under the guise of AGW. Instead of industrialisation and collectivisation scams being used to starve whole national populations the AGW scam will seek to starve the planet.

Change? My arse!!!

If I want change I’ll do it myself. I know what your “change” means Cameron, Soetoro and polar bear hugging hoody comrades everywhere. It is theft, starvation and death.

Fuck off!!!! Stick it sideways with a hot wire brush and Jeyes fluid; then spin on it.