Thursday, 27 January 2011

Area 51

A busy, busy night 67 years ago. A good night out and back from the big one. Total effort for the night: 697 sorties, 34 aircraft (4.9 per cent) lost.

However as you and I know some very special people never got their Das Kapital stock bombed.

Bring on the Slave Labour!

Before the war, German corporations had eagerly taken advantage of the big favour done for them by the Nazis, namely the elimination of the labour unions and the resulting transformation of the formerly militant German working class into a meek "mass of followers." Not surprisingly, in Nazi Germany real wages declined rapidly while profits increased correspondingly. During the war prices continued to rise, while wages were gradually eroded and working hours were increased. 51 This was also the experience of the labour force of the American subsidiaries. In order to combat the labour shortages in the factories, the Nazis relied increasingly on foreign labourers who were put to work in Germany under frequently inhuman conditions.

Together with hundreds of thousands of Soviet and other POWs as well as inmates of concentration camps, these Fremdarbeiter (forced labourers) formed a gigantic pool of workers that could be exploited at will by whomever recruited them, in return for a modest remuneration paid to the SS. The SS, moreover, also maintained the required discipline and order with an iron hand. Wage costs thus sank to a level of which today's downsizers can only dream, and the corporate profits augmented correspondingly.

The German branch plants of American corporations also made eager use of slave labour supplied by the Nazis, not only Fremdarbeiter, but also POWs and even concentration camp inmates. For example, the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company based in Velbert in the Rhineland reportedly relied on "the aid of labourers from Eastern Europe" to make "considerable profits," 52 and Coca-Cola is also noted to have benefitted from the use of foreign workers, as well as prisoners of war in its Fanta plants. 53 The most spectacular examples of the use of forced labour by American subsidiaries, however, appear to have been provided by Ford and GM, two cases that were recently the subject of a thorough investigation.

Of the Ford-Werke it is alleged that starting in 1942 this firm "zealously, aggressively, and successfully" pursued the use of foreign workers and POWs from the Soviet Union, France, Belgium, and other occupied countries — apparently with the knowledge of corporate headquarters in the US. 54 Karola Fings, a German researcher who has carefully studied the wartime activities of the Ford-Werke, writes:
[Ford] did wonderful business with the Nazis. Because the acceleration of production during the war opened up totally new opportunities to keep the level of wage costs low. A general freeze on wage increases was in effect in the Ford-Werke from 1941 on. However, the biggest profit margins could be achieved by means of the use of so-called Ostarbeiter [forced workers from Eastern Europe]. 55 The thousands of foreign forced labourers put to work in the Ford-Werke were forced to slave away every day except Sunday for twelve hours, and for this they received no wage whatsoever.

Presumably even worse was the treatment reserved for the relatively small number of inmates of the concentration camp of Buchenwald, who were made available to the Ford-Werke in the summer of 1944. (Research Findings, 45–72) In contrast to the Ford-Werke, Opel never used concentration camp inmates, at least not in the firm's main plants in Rüsselsheim and Brandenburg. The German subsidiary of GM, however, did have an insatiable appetite for other types of forced labour, such as POWs. Typical of the use of slave labour in the Opel factories, particularly when it involved Russians, writes historian Anita Kugler, were "maximum exploitation, the worst possible treatment, punishment even in the case of minor offences." The Gestapo was in charge of supervising the foreign labourers. 56

Keep that slave labour thought in mind we’ll need it later.

Others got on with research in very secret places that never got bombed. Here we’ll divert to quote something telling.

On 27 September1941 Heydrich was appointed acting Reichsprotektor in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (the part of Czechoslovakia incorporated into the Reich on March 15, 1939). He replaced Konstantin von Neurath whom Hitler considered ineffective. (Neurath remained titular Protector until 20 August1943).

Neurath's policy as Protector was based on giving privileges to the nobility and upper classes. This led to passive resentment among ordinary people, mainly workers. The Protectorate was a vital weapons and war material producer for the Third Reich. During Neurath's service as Protector, war production substantially dropped. Heydrich came to Prague to restore production quotas.

As the governor of Bohemia and Moravia, Heydrich applied "carrot-and-stick" methods. The black market was suppressed, food rations and pensions were increased, and unemployment insurance was established for the first time. Those associated with the resistance movement or black market were tortured or executed. Under Heydrich, Prague and the rest of the Czech lands became quite pacified and industrial output went up. Because of his success in Prague, Hitler was considering making Heydrich the governor of Paris. When British intelligence heard this, they wanted to stop this at all costs. They would not let a man who butchered the Czechs and Jews of Prague to do the same to the French Resistance.

Got that?

Yes, side with the worker and you get rubbed out. Offend the toffs and you get offed, a contract is put out on you.

However we are missing the real deal here. What was this place Bohemia & Moravia that it didn’t get bombed to oblivion even though the Czech republic was (is) well known as being an engineering centre of excellence, ergo the weapons output for the Wehrmacht?

Allowing Slave Labor

Note - During discussions that led to the announcement of the Yalta Protocol, the Soviet Union pushed for the ability to use German workers, both POWs and civilians) as payment for reparations owed the Soviet Union due to damage caused by the war. This request was agreed to by Churchill and Roosevelt. One day before the opening of the Yalta Conference Stalin had issued Order 7467, which "called for the mobilization of able-bodied male Germans aged 17-50 from German territory. Those who served in the regular army or in Volkssturm were considered POWs and deported into NKVD (i.e. Soviet Secret Police) POW camps. The rest had to form labour battalions to be interned into the Soviet Union for reconstruction works, primarily in the Ukrainian SSR and Byelorussian SSR. Implementation was under the control of the commanders of the corresponding Soviet Army Fronts, with further processing by the NKVD."

Did you check out that map showing Silesia next to the Reichsprotektorate? Deep in the Reich, out of bomber range, what was going on in there after the war started for the squareheads in 1942?

Oh yes you need to adjust your perspective on when and where the second shooting match started and finished. For Judah it started in 1933, for Japan and China 1937, for UKplc 1939, for USofA corp 1941. For the commies, 1845. For the banksters it never stopped or started, it just is. So readjust yourself and get real.

Slavers and slaving is a constant.

Part of the Reich dreamland was here in The Riese . All the slave labour and materials being directed into what? All the slave labour disguising who at work? Well bearing in mind we are talking black budgets of the black sun we need to be looking at what we are not to believe.

Or what we are supposed to beleive.

See it is all mixed up just like it is supposed to be. However it is all so simple. Who financed everything?

That is the answer. If something was not supposed to be then the purse string holders would have starved the living using market mechanisms, not war. Now don’t get too expectorant about the Reich printing it’s own money. That is just a little tadpole Ponzi scheme within the Velociraptor Ponzii scheme.

So what was going on?

Looking back from a long way it is clear that from St Ives to Magnitogorsk a great experiment to engage the USofA corp, and the Greater Amiricas, was run out of bankster smoking rooms. The cold dead eyes were safely removed from the killing zones and did not care who survived, as always. It did not matter to them who survived. They infested both sides.

If by some strange throw of their god’s dice the Nazi’s did win we would be sprechen Ponzi still!!!

It did not matter.

Now you and I, we know that the guys running all this stuff really would like us to shag our vacuum cleaner or bugger the dog because if we are doing that, and just to make sure we do it they’ll engineer statutes banning the activity, to add an asphixiational trip of danger. If we are deep throating the helpless we won’t realise that the same precious metals/false receipt clowns have been stoogeing around for millenia screwing us over. You and I know they are degenerate. They know their flesh is rotten. Yet they wait like zombies at an alchemical wedding.

If we do keep our heads together though and start asking pointy questions we’ll either end up unemployed, caught up in revolution, war, pestilence and mayhem or unalive. En masse or singularly.

That is why we are not to be educated, despite high quality education. BWAHAHAHAHAAA, fuck me. I’m finishing off that Six Sigma crap, I’m a masochist, and it confirms my original prognosis about business education. Reduced Instruction Set Criminality/Cretenism. Stick to the rules, the little red book, the book. Do not think.

So back to slaver runners (H/T Constance Cumbey). Fucked D'Witz Ashton, mated with a Pogromandist opened her yapp. Now if I were a Christian I would run for the fucking hills. All that these AllAfflicted have been doing for centuries under various Venetian masks is kill non unbelievers. Holders of a full instruction set.

NAZIS, COMMIES and soon GREENIES will hunt you down and they will not stop killing us.

Ashton is an IBM maternal name compiler. She’s garnering lists for termination.

What the EUSSR see in their wet dreams is this (H/T spelunker) when it comes to bicycles and non GMO live stock. Notice that everywhere the commie goes peasant carts do follow. Rickshaws and human serfs in the hi-tech super cities where the child sacrificers hide. Or here in Davos.

Slaves for human sacrificial slavers dressed up in highest florid rhetoric and it stinks like a viagra enhanced Rock/Roth ladyboy corpse.

Now I know that everyone is watching the Med but yours truly stares at the Rothschild playpen always. Why? Well the RCE/Jewish Autonomous Oblast awaits its signal from Roth Zentral. It cannot be far away even though the drive into the Malacca Straights, as I highlighted earlier, is ongoing.

What is the signal? Koenigsberg?

Don’t know, but bearing in mind that the Japanese bomb was debtonated out here unsung, using German U235, the same German U235 that dropped U know where
, by U know WU, U know the game is long.

Now don’t any readers here be thinking they are mentioned special.

You are not.

The religioKriminals don’t care who you are or what beleifs they have given you.

They don’t care how long you need to succumb or which epoch they have to wait.

They know how the world turns and always have done. They waited two thousand years to have a religiotechnological war with the square heads so don’t get all jiggy when your name is mentioned.

It all ends in slavery they design.