Friday, 18 February 2011

Space Clities of Mars. Part 1

As I trenched my scoff from the trough last evening the fool’sTube was on Channel 4 Snoose. Time to check what the level of cretinism that TPTB expect the UKplc population to manifest after being subjected to the longest running psyop in history. Some clown called Freud, representing HMG, was trying his best to convince us all that the workshy scum that constitute the main body of the UKplc aboriginals will be bettter off with a new dose of rationing of purchasing power. UKplc troglodytes will welcome the new “universal” stipend. Got that word “universal”, that is supposed to make us feel all warm and loved. You will work for the stipend in a not very occluded arbeit macht frei kind of way, or be tossed in the gutter where you really belong. If there is no work they will make work in a very chain gang kind of way. Think more USofA corp deep south or USSR gulag rather than Reich autobahn.

TPTB obviously think that UKplc scum are too preoccupied by looming poverty, child rapists on cue, Royal matings and big men in pyjamas chasing a football to remember that the guys who received all the “universal” benefits of the state, that’s correct Rothschild Corporate Entity/London City, the banksters, have stolen all the loot. They’ve legged it to Switzerland apparently and their diversity compliant mouthpiece was on the liar’sBox telling us that we deserved it, ungrateful bastards that we were for daring to ask them to pay some taxes, so they’ve fucked of with their pirate’s gin palace and rigged casino to yodel elsewhere.

How many decades have these clowns and the barrow boy Shysters been getting universal benefits thrown at them? Their corporations pay no taxes, they get to steal everything that we ever hammered together, they flood the country with cleaning slaves and sex serfs and what do we have for all this largesse? With all the skills they acquired dodging around the pirate market one step ahead of the impoverished mob and victimised poor they will now be handed national resources to destroy and theive from. They, these fools, these pathological workshy criminals are going to tell us what kind of work to do and what kind of businesses we can start. I’m sure that life was swell for everyone concerned in the Pasha’s palace all those centuries ago before we in the west worked out how to feed ourselves and break free of the serfdom forced on us by inbred mutants. Only the soft brained product of the GGT and psycho nudge nudge economics would think so. Only the truly ignorant product of a diversity quotiented monoculture of stasis could fall for that scam. Only western inhabited carbon based life forms.

Well the Khazari banksters got Ferraris, villas in Totteridge, champagne, pneumatic ladyboys and lines of pharmaceuticals. We got debt, no water, a national death sevice and fluoridisation. They got to piss away our every token. We got everything that is broken.

Freud, Lord Cohen and this week's assorted khaki khazi killers fronted by the Egyptian boy Cameron are flogging their nudge,nudge wink,wink behaviour modification techniques into the Herd Attention Space using a controlled linguistic set, as befits reduced instruction set criminals, to remove us further into a state unable to resist NOAHide. All this talk about change and flexibilty flogged by a bunch of scamming artists that haven’t changed their basic modus in 6 thousand years. Noah’s Reduced Instruction Set for imbeciles and crooks.

Channel 4’s and UKplc MSM controllers don’t seem to think that we’ve noticed all this constricted recent “change” in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt et al is just the New Phoenicians getting a wet permission slip to bring the Med under unified control again run out of RCE/TA. Just watch.

The farting around in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf is going to benefit only one actor. The threads that must be connected on this last thought are many and varied.

So let us stand back a little way and take a long hard look at the turf over which, so called, change is being played.

1. One of the first threads is US defence expenditures. I dropped a suggestion at a mil blog for their consideration a little while back. I asked them to consider what would happen if USofA corp defence spending was reduced by 50%. No bite, they were more preoccupied by preconceptions. Fair enough. However that thorny little question will not go away. With a USofA corp defence budget at 50% of current USD levels and the USD buying 5% of what it did in 2007 then what price all those overseas bases by 2013? What about all those highly trained foreign students who stayed to repatriate the tech? Might they…well…repatriate? Leaving USofA corp ignorant and 3rd worldly.

2. Next thing to examine is the UKplc audience. Well that is the stunted tuber cast in the sterile thin film of soil deposited by the likes of John Craven. The cropping today laps up it’s 60 seconds of snooze fired at it from the diversity canon every evening around 8pm or so. That audience is brain dead. Ditto USofA corp. When they are all living in a NOAHide, AGENDA 21, gulaged Lady Gagaless hell whole they still won’t have twigged it was all planned. They’ll never get to travel and see that the rest of the world is still burning rubber with huge V8s and dropping weans everywhere!!

3. The Arab victims of all this change on the ground are, as usual, criminal bandits pimping their primary resources to the biggest bitchmeister in the room. Wandering pirates of the sand who got in on a scam to fleece the west of cash, a tribute, just as surely as that handed over by the Rus to the Golden Horde all those centuries ago. They do no work, they are slavers, racists, misogynists, workshy epicures, theives and pimps and the Khazari feminists’ favourites. They are all in on the scam. Oh yes you can be sure that if one of the sisters had got fucked sideways by a mob of BNP protesters there would be lockdown and burning elastane all over the MSM, non MSM and liar’sPaper until some poor white slob was framed. When the mob in the sandbox display their respect for the common weal, their consideration for polite social intercourse, an intercourse they’ll be facilitated to bring into our cities soon when the floodgates are opened during the coming chaos, by dragging away a fully diversity compliant stooge liar, someone who should be in their harems as far as they are concerned, there is silence.

As I said. That audience is brain dead.

These criminal Caliphates are on the sniff for more lucre. The rich west has been sapped, the sapps, by their 5th column Chicago school liars and Murdoch propagandists. The new biggest bitchmeister in the room has a shed load of ships sliding into the waters and tonnes, literally metric tonnes of cash, funny money, gold, rare earths and fire power arranged in the western style to deploy to protect the oil fields. BTW UKplc I’ll bet their troops deploy with EVERYTHING they need, EVERY bit of kit.

So how to sneakily introduce the new biggest whoremeister without the brain dead western inhabited carbon based life formed fuckedwitz twigging.

4. This is the critical phase and we now move to the brain dead fast food retarded chumps in USofA corp. It is best examplified by this Hapsburg operator’s smooth move. Like father like son. ”WTF?” I can hear you muttering. Back to the USofA corp defence spending. If half the carriers get chopped, you cannot afford a flat top from the gator navy to stooge in the great bitter lake, if the SSNs get berthed and the sat comms EMP’d by the khazi army then how do things look. Espcially if the rest of NATO is unable to deploy anything more than a rowing boat now that IRAN and RCE/TA have colluded to set a precedence of de facto RCE/TA control of the Suez Canal. (We’ll come back to why RCE/TA and Iran should collude a little later, for the moment just think Molotov/Ribbentrop) Did you notice that picky of the fleet tanker? It was built at Swan Hunter’s UKplc. Tsk tsk.

Zoh. RCE/TA has been sidling up to ChiCommland for quite some time now. Handing over western tech for 40 years. Even before the warkriminal Heinz “the panda squeezer” renewed official contacts with the Rothschild networks in the Panda loving, child killing, slaving state. A good old fashioned mindfuck is needed by RCE/TA in order to trot out its favourite victimisation schtick on the world stage.

“Oh look at what those nastynaziantisemites in the west have done. They’ve driven us into your bosom oh panda protectors. Give us a 20 billion SDR stipend each year to look after your interests at our end of the Old Silk Road? Boom boom!”

Got that?

5. With the 5th fleet based on a brigand’s island there won’t be any leeway as far as supplies go for the carriers and escorts once the USD has tanked. Either pay in readies, gold or other tradeable or get out. Can anyone suggest just what USofA corp has to trade now that the derivatives casino has been exposed as a great big liar’s Ponzi theft of the Ponzi theivers? Right then so who’s going to fill the vacuum? A clue is to be found in the RCE/TA pirate fleets being run out of Somalia. The removal of the navies with a tradition of maintaining the maritime commons, itself a legacy of the sovereign nation state, and their replacement by others of a John Company bent like ROK, ChiCommland and even JSDF will lead to an engineered incident. I’m betting that ChiCommland will set up it’s own false flag, just so, and then move in to the old 5th fleet base if vacant, or more likely either way, Gwadar after a USS Maine style incident (Insurance job).

For those of you who don’t get 5. above I’d like you to show me an equivalent of the RNLI functioning in any dump East of Suez. Go on. And if you don’t get the geopolitics you aren’t thinking like a bankster. The west has been the bankster base for 500 years or so. It is thankyou very much now fuck of time as far as the west is concerned. UKplc is getting the message sent and is too stupid to receive it.

6. Now we come to the Machiavellian bit. I will concede that you do have to stand back a very long way and really polish the non linears to see this but that’s me. All the various bits only make sense once the ridiculous is entertained and the obvious is discarded as MSM and non MSM spin.

Why would the RCE/TA, a Rothschild engineered Jewish pirate enclave, get into bed with Iran? Why would RCE/TA diss their Saudi brothers in petro scams. Why would they go with the Shia imperialists? Well the chaos in the oil markets that helped keep tribute flowing from the industrialised west to the Middle East, arranged through RCE/TA, also put the religious nutters in place that got rid of our chum the psycho Shah.

Thinking like a bankster yet are we?

However this story will start over in the bolt hole, that has been prepared for such a long time to receive the Kriminals, that I mentioned in a recent post.

Other straws in the wind include, currently, lots of people prepositioning themselves in South America just like in the 1900 s and the 1930s. They always bolt to where there is no real shooting match going on. Just organised crime. That brings us back to the ChiComms and their, Iranian trained, sponsored terrorists operating in South America and trained in the Phillipines.!

This week we saw one of my favourite machines getting into the front pages down there. A C17, just how much does it cost to keep one of those in the air iDave? A C17 in Argentina. I will depart from the author’s opinions in this case. What I will bring to your attention is the presence of an inter theatre big lifter down where ChiComm sponsored ISI and VEVAK trained Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani & HizbAllah cells are at play. I know a great many think that some shit was going to go down in Argentina, however that really makes no sense. Argentina got done over a decade and a bit ago. It is full of slobs buying up real estate to hide in when it goes pop in the Northern Hemishpere. The locals are quiet, the oil is just off shore, the squillionaires are happy so there is no point of upseting things. Indeed Argentina looks set to play the role of eminence gris to Brazil. To paraphrase what everyone else says of them in South America, they think their shit smells of roses.

How’s about there was nothing staying in South America. How’s about the gear was headed to the Phillipines via the Spanish Speaking Zanzibar Commandos trained by Persia. All that Spanish language stuff would be very useful out there on the first island chain as the ChiComms continue to spread covert instability in the Malacca Straits area.

Funny how since 9/11?

The three places where al Qaeda can train openly, and most effectively, are Pakistan, the Philippines and Palestinian controlled Gaza. None of these areas are perfect for al Qaeda. Pakistan is officially at war with al Qaeda, but the Pakistanis also support Islamic terrorist operations against India. Actually, that support is supposed to have been withdrawn, because of current peace talks with India. But the covert war against their larger, and non-Moslem, neighbor, is very popular with most Pakistanis. So many of the camps are still tolerated, even as the government insists to the United States and India that Islamic terrorism has been shut down. Some Islamic terrorists are under attack, because al Qaeda has declared war on the Pakistani government, and made many attacks on senior officials. Sounds pretty bizarre, doesn?t it? It is. But in Pakistan, the bizarre is what often passes for normal. The terrorist training camps along the Indian border insist that they are only training killers for missions inside Indian occupied Kashmir, just across the border. The government insists that this is the case, and that these camps along the Indian border have been shut down anyway.

So let us try an pull all of this malarky together.

USofA corp is being removed from its dangerous position of world freedom bearer by subversion at home and imperial overeach. All coordinated by the banksters. Their new bestest model for a global society, ChiCommland, is to be brought forth and given it’s prime roll as slaver promoter in the prison camps, economic gulags and criminal cabal capitals of the one world. No more soveregn nations,no more nationalities. Just a series of interlinked kleptocratic, gerontological pirate bases and religioKriminalrat buccaneer enclaves. Europe disappears under a wave of economic refugees. India gets set up to have it’s Hindus normalised.

Whatever is good for the ChiComms is good for RCE/TA. If the ChiComms are going to drive through the Phillipines, don’t forget one of Rothschild’s markers is killing vast amounts of Christians, using MILF. Then Beijing want to have continued training provided there by the graduates of their favoured client states Iran and Pakistan. If that means Islamic jihadists tearing up parts of South America then so be it, it gives the Munroe doctrine a good kick in the bollox. So Beijing will not want that apple cart upturned and RCE/TA will not want its new vast subsidy from the ChiCommland, which will replace the USofA corp blackmail monies, jeopordised. So RCE/TA operatives in Patagonia will be knee deep in any Islamic terror in South America.

RCE/TA and Iran will be getting jiggy no matter who is in power and the west will be OUT!!!!