Friday, 27 November 2015

HWW:Get ready,no stopping it now, it is inbound.

Expect ChiComm forces wearing UN berets in peace "keeping missions" soon. Kurdistan springs to mind.

China Defense Blog: China unveils military revamp: China unveils military revamp 2015-11-27 08:23Global Times Editor: Li Yan Party to restr...

As alluded to in the last post.

" "Aside from that, we've also learned from countries such as Israel
involving military logistics support and civil-military integration.""

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

HWW:Chinese conglomerate buys $460mn stake in Brazil airline | The BRICS Post

That will be Brasilian aerospace tech. transferred to ChiCommland then thanks to RCE/TA. Air Chicomm in South America for use in The Phillipines and the hyper littoral soon?

Chinese conglomerate buys $460mn stake in Brazil airline | The BRICS Post

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

HWW:China Defense Blog: Photos of the day: J-11 of the 6th Air Regiment, ...

The BAe/LM money burning nexus cannot deliver anything worthwhile this past 30 years. F22/Typhoon/F35, all bespoke product is expensive crap, designed to be crap, conceived as sabotage programmes and signed off by 5th columnist politicos. AND YET, there they are skulking around ready to cause trouble in the Littoral.

China Defense Blog: Photos of the day: J-11 of the 6th Air Regiment, ...: Spokesperson: Chinese, Thai air forces deepen cooperation via joint exercises Source: China Military O...

Defence contractors as agents provocateurs, lap it up western tax paying dupes.

Monday, 23 November 2015

HWW:Pacific Sentinel: Think Tank: The grand strategic failures underlyin...

The fact that there is no boycott and/or blockade of the world's biggest fascist childmurdering slaver state tells us two things.

1. The way of life of that state is to be exported.

2. All other previous blockades and boycotts have been nothing but fiat gangsterism hiding in so called ethics.

 Pacific Sentinel: Think Tank: The grand strategic failures underlyin...: Neil James Most public discussion and media commentary—and seemingly all the political and bureaucratic dissembling—about the 99-year...

I do wonder why the persons currently inhabiting the west have not worked out that they are considered enemies of their commercial and political states?

Friday, 20 November 2015

HWW: Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Released After 30 Yea...

Nickel monkey, Pavlovian moneymuppet and dime spastic out for being a truer traitor, released by the AngloMaoist administration community organising (trouble stirring) gangster boybitch Alinsky scholars.

 War News Updates: Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Released After 30 Yea...: New York Times : After 30 Years in Prison, Jonathan Pollard Is Freed, but Not to Israel WASHINGTON — Jonathan J. Pollard, the American ...

As I said at the other shop all one needs to do is keep feeding in the lucre and the appropriate unthinking response is guaranteed.

Off you go the the terrorist fire base in Roth's rothbotbitchboy little live firing range in RCE/TA then you predictable programmed bitchboy.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

HWW:Enter the Dragon.

Xi, Obama arrive in Manila for Asia Pacific Summit | The BRICS Post

No Bruce Lee, no Jim Kelly, no John Saxon in fact the cast of NATO perps looks like Han and Oharra. Mind you the clown with the stupid stagename spent most of his formative years in Indonesia as an extra for a major walk on part.

Anyway with Modi and Xi fully briefed by the drug runners in RCE/London City this past few weeks expect our NATO perp to line the ducks up in a battleships's row while he tries to save his ISIS bitchboys and associated mercs from getting the heads kicked in.