Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Zumwalt and Trafalgar

This has gone up over the past 24hrs. A new world record. Ideedee!!!!

All that this proves is that RICO is still alive and well engorging itself on tax dollars and stealing the Intellectual Property to hand over to the Bad(?) Guys.

Item 1.

Item 2.

Item 3.

Item 4.

If you remember the picture painted at the beginning of the year describing the ancient money/weapons/temple scam of old Babylon then you should see from the above examples evidence that it is alive and well. Nay, thriving on the still twitching corpse of the West. The weapons wing of the religioKriminal network is working away to its date with destiny.

You know I actually reckon that TPTB find it easier to operate during a time of utter devastation and chaos than during a time of prosperity and human advancment. Though I do grant they use those periods of ample funny money to advance their ancient quest. However they like a prolonged period of piled high dead people and collapse to take stock, as it were, to contemplate in peace and quiet and check the celestial alignments. Once a couple of centuries are over they set the next phase in play with a different crew of sheeple. However back to the religioKriminal weapons dealers.

The one thing that escaped, no David Astle perhaps just didn’t put it this way, the description of the religioKriminal money/weapons/temple scam is that concommitant with handing over the best weapons tech and cash to the people chosen to trash one’s civilisation, was that there would be a diseased and decaying military and a corrupted youth on the “good guys” side.

Here is some more evidence that the Rothschild Corporate Entity/Tel Aviv has been hard at work handing over our tech to the ChiComms.

Comanche/Mangusta/Apache anyone?

F35 and F35 ? That’s right someone’s handed over F35 intake tech.

Seen any ChiComm warships recently? That’s correct phased arrays and stealth. Ohh I wonder where all that tech came from?

So what has all this got to do with the price of sliced bread then?

Or more precisely what about the Z & T then?

Well if the railguns go on the Zumwalts you can bet they won’t work. Oh the tech will be fab, just the deliberate degredation of the engineering capabilities of the USofA corp will mean they won’t work. The tech will get handed over to the chosen and will be made to work through unlimited funds being made available.

When crude hits 200 bucks a barrel there will be no fleets at sea. Here we come to the secret of Trafalgar. Nelson’s ships had plied the Atlantic never ceasing and the crews knew how to handle their ships. The Garlic munchers and Chorizzo chompers were port bound. Seamanship, knowing your trade better than the opposition, helped Nelson pull off his clever bit of mathematics.

Right now the religioKriminal money/weapons/temple scam look like they are fleecing the West and handing over crap weapon kit or not even bothering to, after piles of cash have been doled over to them and humungous dividends paid out to offshore foundations and charities year after year.

As I’ve asked before. Where is all the kit after all the trillions and trillions and trillions poured into the weapon fabs?

Ohh I know it is all parked on ChiComm runways and docks. R&D’d by us at our expense and meanwhile they get a free pass on the iGREEN front.

And the corrupted youth bit? Well all I can say is don’t fall ill when this lot of iPod fuckedwitz are pulling down paychecks. They’ve either got shallow fame to pursue, drones to pilot, peasants to kill and Gaia to worship or they are profoundly ignorant. They are blessed with the unblinking certainty and unthinking belief of those who in previous generations would have been certified unfit. The big iGreen biscuit factory awaits.

Rock/Roth have done the piles of dead people everywhere else over the past century so what makes you so sure they won’t be giving us our own very special version of the culling killing fields right here in the so called democracies?

Ever watched the smoke rising from the chimneys of socialised medicine?