Friday 29 June 2012

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 1

A long time ago I bought, not unusually, a book to read on a rainy day. To be read for two reasons, its subject and its author. For a book is a magical green thing to me. I see them, I do not read them.

I do not think, I absorb and place away for another day; cytoblastic questions. These questions are instinctive. Not logical, not oratorical, not rhetorical, not terminal but spiritual. The opening of the closed system is key here.  For all of history is nothing more than the closing of all open systems discovered, the devariegation of culture, the sterile fief of the heathen and their monoculture of unbelief. As I have said before there is nothing more pitiable than an atheist, for they know not from what they flee in their blinded certitude. Then and only then are the questions reborn.

Many years after purchase I removed the unseen book from its place and started to read it on a long haul flight. When the book was finished a question was born.

What was Inchon really all about?

Those of you who know the legend of WW2 will be aware of the Big 3 meetings at Tehran and Yalta. We’ll talk a little about their real history later. I assume you will know the famous quip made by MacArthur as he left the Philippines all Terminator like. He is supposed to have said “I’ll be back”. I assume you are aware that Patton was going to abandon his military career until advised to stay in because “there was a big one coming soon”. We’ll talk more about Patton, or rather his famous Army, later.

When one knows all about the War Plan Orange force manoeuvres and exercises involving the big Ladies Sara and Lex, then one can glean a preconceived plan and those who saw the secret maps ex-ante. One can also see the skanksters sending out their orders and unlimited funding for their next stage in the sacred mission of their Admiralty. I mean who draws up plans for the rebuilding of down town Tokyo years before the first bit of gunfire and sniper if you don’t intend to finance the complete destruction of that city and ceremonial cremation of the inhabitants, which is a holocaust.

MacArthur knew he would be back alrighty. His subsequent removal after Inchon tells one that even a mighty connected warrior can get beyond his sell by date without knowing it.

Churchill also got the same treatment and he was “really connected”, his shelf life was of limited utility to the skanksters. The skanksters wanted UKplc socialised with a view to asset stripping the country in decades to come. I mean look at the place now. It is nothing but a massive administrative balls up. This is deliberate. Make sure nothing works and then sweep the unwanted into the dustbin of history. Here in UKplc the banks are state owned and bollox up everyone’s lives daily. Don’t forget HSBC are criminal drug runners and all UKplc does now is flog dodgy gear like Delboy. Ever been through Heathrow? What a dump! Machine pistols everywhere to protect us from our own terrorists, miles and miles of travelators not working, windey dank corridors where the face recognition software can scan your mug, rip off prices and yet only two things always function. Duty free and advertising spaces, a sure sign that there is no real terrorist threat at our airports for if there was these two items would be removed pronto Tonto.

It is a truth that cannot be repeated too often. Forget all we’ve been told about economic theory, which is made up fairy tales, the tip of so called capitalism/free trade/economic activity/communism/libertarianism any –ism is a bunch of religiokriminaltheives called bankers. They are instinctively communitarian and sociopathic. They cannot stand free people or diversity. Everything, I repeat, everything must be reduced to slavery in their monoheathism. And they have all the time in the world.

So there I am staring at another book I read on a holiday and wondering just what were the Big 3 really talking about at Yalta? All the secret stuff that we, the great unwashed, are not smart enough to be told about or wrap our heads round. Well as Lavender Luck would ask “ Whatwas the cold war really about?” 

Well let us play a little game here. Since most who are aware now suspect that there are powerful religiokriminal killer scribes at work scripting our reality, we should if we are smart enough, be able to rebuild the script from any given period by looking at the dead people. This isn’t revisionism, this is forensic story telling. The way I’m going to do this is to imagine a snippet of the conversation between the Big 3 that would sketch out the major events in Europe from 1945 to 1950.

C “Don’t look so hard put on Joe, as I said when we met in Tehran our principals were never going to let you turn the New Forest into our Katyn Wood. You have served our principals very well and your reward is coming. However gentlemen we have a problem as you know and that is what we have been tasked to resolve today.”

J “Hmmmph, do not forget who has massive tank armies already irresistibly heading west”

R “And don’t forget who feeds, fuels and provides the automotive power in this mess”

C “Gentlemen, we have work to accomplish and our principals expect action from us now. Let me describe what we all know the situation to be here and then address the problems that our principals foresee when the peace returns in Europe. Agreed?”

R “Agreed”

J “Dah”