Tuesday 10 July 2012

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 4

What is the definition of a war?

What constitutes a war?

Who declares war?

And when do you know you are in a war?

What is the ceremony?

As I mentioned a little while back the USofA corp. and UKplc, with assorted allies, have been behaving exactly as the Heisenberg State of Nazi Germany did circa 1935-1942. Peace time economy in the midst of gunfire and sniper, millions dead and a weird occulted following creeping round the edges of the Herd Attention Space. The Black Wankstators. If one looked for the gunfire one saw peace. If one saw peace you got blown away Magnum cased soft heads.

So uncertain.

As you know we are reconstructing here, through CSi forensics stylee, the real discussion of the Big 3 at Yalta.

So let us stick some facts into the brew before I switch on the Forensics Story Telling Machine, FSTM.

Of all the things that really worked during WW2 there was only one deployed. Only one used strategically and to lasting effect. The other two got destroyed.

R. “We feed you all and fuel you. We power you and deploy you. Don’t forget.”

J “We have killed them all, for 30 years now. Don’t forget”

C “Our principals still have a problem despite the carnage. Some remain who have not forgotten. They must die and then the curtain comes down”

Allies is klar.

Theatre’s fire curtain.

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