Monday, 8 October 2012

The world is drowning in piss money.

Yet this phukkmuppet wants to reduce spending.

Forget the velocity of witch crafted debt instruments.

The only tune is released from the Banquo communist bankster skankster religiokriminals, it is a death moan.

Either he’s an asshole or we are.

Assholes know that there is nothing here, it is magik. All our money was stolen by magicians and the saviours will stipend us into servury.

Decision time. Too late to stop it but you can stick a spanner in their works come 2015. They are intent on depopulating the globe by rent.

If you live in the Easyjet borough you will know the Pompeii syndrome. Otherwise known as two Jags higher packing density. Welcome to the 18th century AD.

When we become third world again you will know what to do.


Phukkup their timelines and inbreeding by rejecting them all now.