Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why an atoll?

What kind of lamplighter are U?

Why skimpy?

We had a Washington Cherry Tree and a treaty breaker there, so what was the point?

The year was 1946, so soon after the extermination, so why bother? What was the feared outlook? What were you testing?

Ignorance, that is why.

“In February of 1946 Commodore Ben H. Wyatt, the military governor of the Marshalls, travelled to Bikini. On a Sunday after church, he assembled the Bikinians to ask if they would be willing to leave their atoll temporarily so that the United States could begin testing atomic bombs for "the good of mankind and to end all world wars." King Juda, then the leader of the Bikinian people, stood up after much confused and sorrowful deliberation among his people, and announced, "We will go believing that everything is in the hands of God."

While the 167 Bikinians were getting ready for their exodus, preparations for the U.S. nuclear testing program advanced rapidly. Some 242 naval ships, 156 aircraft, 25,000 radiation recording devices and the Navy's 5,400 experimental rats, goats and pigs soon began to arrive for the tests. Over 42,000 U.S. military and civilian personnel were involved in the testing program at Bikini.” Source 

242 ships notice.

Why would that be and why would Inchon?

Ignorance and knowledge, what a brew.

Why the 242 ships though?