Friday, 10 October 2014

Miss Marple at the COMINTERN

If you caught the item I banged over at the other shop yesterday

courtesy of the tap, then I hope you caught a priceless tell. I meant to comment on it when I first cast my peepers upon the video a while back but as usual other things like epiDNA, false currencies, hyper viscous megaliths and aircraft carriers got in the way.

Watch as Bill Maloney approaches the Liberal leader Nick the CoproMaoistMupplaything Clegg after 2:26 Savile and the 9th Circle ( Must See )
Russell Burton. Concentrate on the bit players and support democratic actors. By 2:45 the most amazing collection of faces is revealed. Freeze and consider.

Where would one have seen this type of dead panning before?

Well there would be no witnesses left to such an event but imagine if Bakunin had stomped into a COMINTERN meeting shouting “Oi, oi, you! LenStahlTrotwhaatzyertalmudname! You’re a bunch of Rothschild bankster boybitches. Yaa murdering kaants!” The looks on the party apparatchicks and the brothelchicks faces surrounding the call out would have been exactly the same as that on display that fine day Maloney called the Liberals a bunch of paedotrolls.

Thoughts such as “Oh shit why me!” and “What the fuck do I do now? Is it a test?” and “Beam me up Marxy.” Can be seen registering on the vacant lot visages.

And there we have the tell. Did they not pay attention when getting groomed and coached by their foundation paid-off media handlers in the indoctrination camps? Did the Liberals not get round to teaching their lap dogs and bitches how to act like normal people? Did they not get the long memo about how to deal with real life situations and handling the public? No wonder the Iberian hand up Cleggs ass spends so much time in Beijing confabing in secret intellectual property meetings CommieCongresstylleee. She will never have to deal with real world situations, ever.

Look around that still frame. Ignore Malone and Clegg for the moment. Watch the big MercCHEKA (Applied crowd science to you and me) itching for a take down signal. Isn’t it nice to know that even today geezers like the Talmudic leaders of the Soviet Union could still count on enough of us to kill us without question. Shut us up permanently when one of us stops staring at the bread and circuses or stops shitting ourselves in case the tramp up the stair case can be heard at 3am as the stooges in the long black leather coats come to take us away to a lime filled pit. Or in the USofA corp case a rendering plant, there to be turned into burgers and sausages. No wonder TesMorSanWalfart are shitting themselves in case we find out what the D notices are covering up.

Any good Agatha Christie detective would make known as the composite upperlip netted spinster brought the suspects from down the ages into the drawing room’s flickering candle light. “Why are you mentally unhinged money worshipping Kackyahwehistkaantkunts aka KKK, always at the scene of the crime faking amnaesia all innocent blooddrippingfrom your minds stylee? Always knee deep in gore dipped lucre. Don’t you remember the gold murders? Spanish inquisition? Irish famine? Donmeh? Young Turks? Armenian genocide? Ukranian genocide? Holodomor? German destruction? Cultural revolution? Gaza? Iraq/ISIS? Syriah? Why are you too stupid to think for yourselves for once? Same MO, same faces, same fictional cover story, same bullshit. Time after time after time.”

Any way I do hope you find time to watch those two videos. They sinc with an item Thomas Sheridan posted recently.

I concur with TS’s linkage of Sutcliffe and Savile however I would add Shipman to that mix. What is it about Engeltown that makes it a sewer? The stink is so bad that no one needs evidence anymore.

We can now act dimensionless.

I do promise to get over to the other shop and continue the dimensionless crap. I will be honest, you are not going to like what I have to say. CYah there then.