Friday 10 July 2015

HWW:US predicts 42,000 unmanned Chinese military plane...

Naval Open Source INTelligence: US predicts 42,000 unmanned Chinese military plane...: The United States claims its arch superpower rival China is poised to become the world leader in unmanned military aircraft with up to 42,00...

What is Mandarin for Parsley?

"By the time these fools have indoctrinated our young the mature adult, like Parsley,
will not flinch from behaving like an NKVD death squad, FARC execution
commando or Einsatzgruppen. However the adult will cry like a baby when a
teeny weany polar bear puppy comes on the screen of the magikmirror
stranded on a big melting icecube like a Fox's glacier mint pisstake.
The work of the religiobanking complex never ceases and Parsley will
have either a modified version of the belief system or a shiney new one
created to make sure that the religiocriminals are the only human beings
on the planet. Everyone else will just be a rationed resource with a
view of themselves as inferior to everything else existing on the
planet. As I've noted many times before, when was the last time a polar
bear wiped the arse of someone incontinent in a care home? What is the
choice likely to be in this scenario? Tiger meets unattended baby, feed
with formula milk or just feed? Go on then you athiest, transhumanist
Phukk D'Witz go get to phukk!"

" If you remember PARSLEY’s adventures in droneland a little while back
where I deliberately couched the fiction as an advanced Western force
killing off poor breeders out near the Ganges delta? Some poor starving
slobs, living on the edge of existence, a family outwith the enchanted
circle. Huddling down at the end of a day searching through rubbish tips
or scavenging in sewers. Lighting up a small fire to fricassee a rat or
two. Getting blown out of existence by a drone working on behalf of the
UN AGENDA21 crowd, then you’ll get an insight into the mind set of what
I’m talking about.

Give these iGREEN clowns and inch and they’ll take our lives without missing a heart beat.

the ChiComm drone killers at work sterilising their countryside, whilst
their pekinese are home safely watching doggy telly in the iGREEN
habitationpod in downtown Shanghai. Just like the iRED got to work
removing their native problem from Russia. Just like the iMAO swept away
millions. Just like the iPOT in Cambodia. They all got their designated

Now here’s something to really scare the crap out of you.
Give the coagulation and their successors another decade to make us
really poor, UKplc. Give them a decade to pass more useless statutes
where iGREEN AAVs are the universal currency. A decade to reduce and
denude our armed forces to a pedillo off Bognor. Then how many drinking
vouchers do you bet me that one of these
might not be overhead as you fire up a barbie in Hartlepool. Skulking
on UN business. And then you are history. Well you wouldn’t be because
the victors write history and since you are just trying to survive in
Yorkshire you don’t exist.

Don’t snikker UKplc you started this
pets better than human beings malarky, amongst other mongplays, from the
great big hidden book."

As I keep saying.

I would be getting TFOO Darwin ASAP.