Monday, 10 August 2015

HWW: China Unveiled its First VLFS Project Similar to t...

Naval Open Source INTelligence: China Unveiled its First VLFS Project Similar to t...: China unveiled its first "Very Large Floating Platform" project which appears to be a 21st century iteration of the US Military &...

Redundant ChiComm plant, demographic peak now, all the money and technology they needed supplied from western troublemaking bankster fronts.

These guys have to move soon and it will be watched from the sidelines with satisfaction by NY and LC.

Their mission needs no ideology other than re cognition of their ancient rights and as they do so they complete the unspoken agenda of sterlising the memory of the billions living from the Sulu Sea to the Island of Madagascar to Aden who are not interested in global governance. Just some food and a chance to live in peace and honour their beliefs.

Then the real agenda will slot into place with a unified Earth administration in the poverty remaining.