Monday, 19 October 2015

HWW:You know I like a good map...

Land Destroyer: US Pacific Hegemony vs. a Rising China: October 19, 2015 ( Tony Cartalucci - NEO ) - The complexity and history behind the current tensions in Asia Pacific are belied by simplist...

The orange/yellow area, the UK/NL zone of destruction, just watch USofA corp you are getting a pivot out of everywhere. what do you think the PNAC shit was about?, that is the next and final stage in Cabal Global Integration.

Project for the Non American Century, written out of London/Tel Aviv. UKplc no longer believes in human rights. I wonder if that is because the 20th century's biggest false mouth on the subject is about to get shut up on the subject having been used to bomb the planet to phukk this past 50/60 years and roam around as a foolish, war criminal fall guy killing tens of millions. You fell for the bankster scam, don't feel so bad, everyone has. Just that your scale of death has never been accomplished by a so called democracy or freedom loving people before. Tyrants and despots are usually used by the religiopecuniary power for these kinds of genocidal operations.

Anyway. India and Indo Nesia are thnking free, got their own gold in hand and around necks, are                  bankster non compliant and going down by 2020.

Since Europe, ChiCommland and Norte Amerika are now McPukepigs these two last remaining caches of human memory must be eliminated so that the Cabal global Peace may reign at last over a quietened helotry.