Friday, 15 July 2016


Beijing Puppet and British Treasury Boss George Osborne Threatened U.S. with Catastrophic Financial Warfare to Protect HSBC, UK’s Biggest Bank, from Criminal Charges of Money Laundering for Terrorists and Drug Cartels, Loss of U.S. Banking License

“For those curious to see what the world will look like under the worldwide Chinese-British alliance, the last few days have brought some appalling revelations. First, a report prepared by Republican committee staff in the House of Representatives has revealed that the notoriously pro-Chinese British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne used the threat of a worldwide financial panic, systemic crisis, and economic breakdown to coerce Obama administration officials into dropping their plans for criminal charges against Britain’s largest bank, the infamous HSBC, for the bank’s role in the money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels.1
These events occurred in 2012 when the US was represented by Treasury Secretary Geithner, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Chairman Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve System. These feckless officials were threatened by Osborne with a “financial calamity” and a “global financial disaster” in the eventuality that HSBC or its executives were to be hit by a criminal indictment.“

Now let us not forget that the main oligarch drag was not the second Lord of the Treasury but the first. Who’s now stepped off into the shadows with a big red rosette with “Job Well Done” splattered across it in Mandarin. Camoron who’s family were in on the financing of the Sino-Japanese-Russo conflicts over a century ago are still there hawking their wares on the great mission to one world mungmuppetry for the retardogarchs.

Looking at that map a few unrelated things spring to mind.

Espied from RCE/LC’s tower in Canary Wharf, the view from the One World Mungmuppet’s penthouse window is satisfactory. To cause trouble in the region and further the business plan the bases in RCE/Macau, RCE/HK, RCE/Changi and The Sultanate make even the happy days of 1910 look modest.

The presence of RNLMP jurisdictoin in the MH17 take down link through MH370 into Batavia.

Kepulauan Natuna I have highlighted previously.

Somwhere in there is an RCE/LC-RCE/BS joint op awaiting.