Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Where I live, just off the Great North Road, I have a bellwether that lets me know just how the global economy is doing. Conversely it allows me an independent metric of just how deep in the shit we all are.

Our fault. No one else.

The index of my ersatz S& Poors, love the poors bit, right in your face peasants? It is a commercial property which used to house an offy crewed by a good natured Okker.

Your correspondent used to spend a great deal of time in there, when I had money, perusing the whiskeys and on the odd occasion getting delivery of a specially requested dram. It was too much effort to head down Covent Garden way.

For those of you unaware of these off licensed premises I’ll just state that they used to grade their clientele by three categories.

Kind of Bloomberg like.




Epicures, boozers and scum.

Mine was a GGG+.

It shut down just after the Red boybitchescrew, all Gok’d up and Triny and Suzanna’d as our bestest mates, heaved into view in 1997. That was it! The good old days of the Tory wilderness were over. The calm before the shit storm. It has remained vacant to this day. Even during the so called boom years of Glayket Gordon Brown, war criminal Tony Blair and the cleek of sterile menstruation known as the babes, the doors never opened again.

Even the Romanian crisis, how fucking long can that crisis last, charity shop is still open. Further grist to the money laundering/ human trafficking mill.

So here we are in 2011, 4 years after the wheels came of the PONZI scheme, as designed, no accident that and we are still getting a load of bed rewetting crap from the Mandelbrot set. You know the Set. Hanging out with the Roth at huge homes we are excluded from but are given the privilege of paying for.

Make no mistake the useless fools that infest the corridors of power of Her Majesty’s cabal in the Smoke are still bending over the soft furnishing for a good reaming. Infinite evil in a finite space.

So what is the deal?

Those with no work are deliberately getting shown the door of oblivion. Those employed are getting subsidised existence for their skill sets.

The deal is that we have been left fallow. We will remain so until the newest importation of clients has come of age to be used by the controlling interest.

Here is a little something to stick in your pipes. Do you remember the opprobrium heaped on the Irish when they remained neutral in the last big one. Do you remember the entire name calling aimed at Dublin when the MSM was full of STAVKA/PRAVDA/NKVD sourced fiction about the holocaust? Remember? The neutral Oirish bastards! Do you remember when the Orange Free State and environs were neutral in the war to end wars? Do you? King Billy bastards!!

I think the muppets in Her Majesty’s watertheifdom have been told to keep out of the next big one. To remain neutral. The reasons are complex and I might get round to explaining at a later date, however we are so far removed from the scene of the next big one that all we can do is spy and write and transmit shit out of the GGT that PRAVDA would have been proud of. Stinking Big Society bastards!

London is the UK.

There is no more England, Scotland, Wales or Dumnonia. London is a multikulti shithouse full of operatives to be used outwith the next big one, as always. In a sort of non combat, though dragooned in national service, comms and control clerk and Special Forces accountant sort of way. To work out where the next big one, run out of London Zentral, will be, all you need to do is look at the imports.

Russian speakers and Arabic speakers.