Thursday, 22 September 2011

Phukk D’Witzz

Rothschild’s playpen, slaughtering chambre, child molesting und grooming yard has recently woken up to a bald truth.

It has been sack and cracked.

Everything has been removed.

The outcome of this realisation is?

De nada.

A great big eunuch.

Now your correspondent here has always wondered about the nature or nurture dialectic concerning iGREEN buttwelding y carpet München Gladbach.

Being of free meerkateer bent I don’t give a flying one what you do with your reproductive zones, restricted zones and free fire zones. Just so long as when you hit the spot you pay the full market rate. You don’t pay though in the arena of President's Working Group on Financial markets, you get subsidized. Don’t you?

You get a free pass, nay short cut through the queuing theory, when you turn up with a dyslectic erogenous zone. Everyone else subsidizes your adventures in the pink plaza.

Like all good communists it is just take, take and take. I’m not suggesting for a moment that there is a lack of dark pools of liquidity, just that we are running out of Laundromats.

And so the Laundromat question has come home to roost in Holland’s animal farm.

The PONZI scheme will not hand over the free readies that allow pornographers license to roam the land seeking free meals. For that is all that the UKplc economy has been good for this past 50 years. Free meals.

Have you noted the recent malarkey about the USofA corp. attacking the UKplc? Utter bollox. Do you seriously think that Roth was going to entertain the idea of Rock trashing his villas in this green and peasant land? What you see in that tail wag’s the god scenario is a remnant memory, re: USofA corp. military families, of where the real enemy resided. The political power in USofA corp. was really after eugenics and slaughter for everyone who wanted to juxtapose their sexual organs in such a way as not to produce psychopaths.

So we cum to the great climax.

Will UKplc do anything?


It has been selected for nothing like all good Darwinian systems.

Nurtured for inaction.

A big limp reconstructed plastectomy of a dick.