Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dead in the water again.

OK let us put this in perspective.

SNAFU!: US Marines in Europe as a deterrent force?: via Information Dissemination. Marine COL William Nemeth has an intriguing article in this month’s Proceedings about how the Marines could...

USofA is about to disappear, as all bankster debt enslaved countries have, so let us look at what is left of the "free" Europe that was to be saved by 1939's congame.

All EU west of the Rhine and South of the Alps is too obsessed with free stuff and child killing to be bothered knowing it has been cleansed and robbed. Kind of like France circa 1750AD.

All EU east of the Harz and South of Bratislava is a waste zone of decanted natives and backwardness. Kind of like Gaul circa 100AD.

And the US Marines want to do what?

If Russia is removed, and the defencelessness of the experimental zoo UKplc suggests that there is no threat apparent other than in BBC comic books and propaganda, then the next time someone writes freely in Europe the location will be in Thule and the time centuries hence.

The only threat is the old threat of bought and paid for traitors working to further preStoneAge moneyfreeks of chaos.

I'd be watching the current excercising of Arab warmachines as a portent of what is to come north and west.