Friday, 22 May 2015

Oohh eer missus!!!However...

SNAFU!: S-97 flies...(hi rez pics)

....second only to the 21st century equivalent of Bomber B in damage done to the west's capability was the A/LHX which finally got a visit from the Pharmacy last decade.

Always with the plans to produce thousands and thousands in robo assembly plants staffed by AI and Quantum Optics Engineers. Overseen buy Time Doctors and History Takers.

Instead we get nothing flying, all the money pissed up the wall, troops with clapped out equipment fit only for medieval satrapies and no room for maneouvre.

The best we might get is a Brasilian assembly plant with order processing by minimum wage genetic mutants in dullesvilles nowhere of America.

Still it does make one wonder how the ChiComm tilt rotor mega gunship will stack up against this concept.

The hyper littoral war is on.