Tuesday, 9 June 2015

BAE to overhaul destroyer Kidd. Well that's the Kidd phukked then!!

Naval Open Source INTelligence: BAE to overhaul destroyer Kidd: The Defense Department is awarding BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair $36.6 million to overhaul Kidd, a destroyer that last year helped with ...

Check out UKplc's track record on disabling a fleet. Unparalleled expertise.

From Washington's Cherrytrees, through the Gibraltar/Ark Royal farce, HMS Victorious rebuild, SSN debacle.

Good buy by USN.

Read this

"King had the foresight to recognize that the British contribution would be more of a liability than help.[xvi]
The principal Royal Navy purpose in the Pacific was political, not
military and Coles asks if it helped or hindered “the achievement of the
respective nations’ policy objectives.”"


and weep.