Wednesday, 24 June 2015

SNAFU!: The Russians had a MegaWatt Laser on an Orbital We...

SNAFU!: The Russians had a MegaWatt Laser on an Orbital We...: I was reading a nice write up on the Buran Space Shuttle ( here ) and the author mentioned (in me he buried the lead) tha...

Funny that Buran heaved into view during my wandering out here as well yesterday. I do remember its lifter taking a payload before Buran's one and only flight but never really paid attention at the time since I was far more interested in the emergent ChiComm problem.

Anyway having read the article what heaves into view via a cypher? LBJ.

Now, again using 20/20 hindsight I admit, we get Gorbypark meddling in the "politics" of the military deployment. Just like you couldn't fire off 20mm without Whitehouse sanction over Cochinchina.

By 1987 it was mission accomplished for GreenGorby the Red as he'd already been given instructions from their equivalent of Bohemian Grove/Bilderokjabre/CFR and the USSR was already Titanicified.

So what was going on? Where did those Soviet chemical laser engineers go? Did I mention the emergent ChiComm threat in 1987?