Monday, 9 November 2015

HWW: The Big Come On Pt 2......

War News Updates: Growing Worries On The Strain That The U.S. Carrie...: The USS Ronald Reagan The Hill: Experts alarmed at 'strains' on aircraft-carrier fleet The Navy’s 272-ship force is strainin...

Kind of like the British invite to IJ to cause trouble out East by removing effective UK counter force in peace time. One part of a multi pronged strategy of faked military weakness for cabal centralisation all disguised by an engineered depression.

Mind you it could be that the massive number of flat tops now skulking in the Hyperlittoral makes the USN CVNs super numerary. There are two giant helicopter carriers doing nothing in Rosyth which could easily get transferred over to RCE/Tel Aviv, hence cover the Med (see Bibi's visit to DC soon), and/or handed to STANATOFRC UAE to cover the Gulf.

Both UK/NATO builds/ships are easily crewed by two mice and a rat what with all the clever robo cyber muppetry that will make them burn like hell when hit by ISWs or go berserk when hit by an HEMP.

Just a thought as the USN gets ready to field more 50 year old fighter concepts from 50 year old decks.

Fuck me it is even worse than when the Devastators flew off Lady Lex!!!!!