Friday, 13 November 2015

HWW: There is a reason why....

...all these old birds are still flying.

This is after all early 1940s airframe/propulsion conceptions made real, still flying half a century after last manufacture, stoogeing in the early/mid 21st century. It is like a Handley Page 0/100 lurking near a flakturm!!!

As with Swedish battleships in 1940 or shore bombardment in 1943/4/5 you will not be going anywhere within the true lethality sphere.

Still until then they make great big blackpoppropaganda cartoon flags/ unreal stage props/ false calls.

The ChiComms have been given their business plan and associated correctly aligned media strategy the green light in RCE/LC. Anyway Mulacca is open for business.

So what ever happens it is scripted no matter what we see or are told by the PotemkinMSM and Marie Antoinette's altMSM.