Monday, 21 March 2016

HWW:NO,no,no,no ...

War News Updates: South Korea Forms A ‘Spartan 3000’ Unit To Attack ...: South Korean Special Forces. Kim Hong-Ji/REUTERS IBTimes : South Korea Forms ‘Spartan 3000’ Unit To Attack North Korea In Case Of Cont...

Which bit of fighting for a bunch of bitchboys and boybitches don't these analysts get? Mind you if you can see and read them they are paid for eunuchs of the Rock/Roth Soros subcontractors.

Would you die so that Killary Perpbitch's Millietants or Bathhouse Barry's big pinktromboneblowers can lounge around the rainbow poolside slipping up orifices and/or getting free golden showers and publicly funded scat guns aimed at their erogenous zones?

I'd defect to the PyongYang traffic cops section pronto to hang around with real kick-ass girls. Which is likely what will happen.

Remember Saddam's Republican Guard or Ghaddaffi's KungFu Bints? The Korean's didn't save your ass in Vietnam and they will do whatever the criminal underground, Yakk or Triad, gets paid to do. The London calling is strong in Seoul.

Myrmadons do not do politically correct you fukkmuppets!!