Wednesday, 30 March 2016

HWW:You've got to ask yourself a question...

 ...Is he bringing coca cola and freedom fries or dictatorship?

Let us be clear on this. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that the USofA corp. can bring to anyone, anywhere and at any foreseeable time now. The men and women of 1940 who brought joy and land reform, by their accidental existence not plan, despite the malevolent strategy of their betters and masters, have long gone. Even when they had the power to remake everything they were sabotaged by the real string pullers hidden in committee and foundations like evil ivy league fifth columnists red wall st. traitor barbastards. The slitheringcreeps who cared not for Rock'n'roll and birth control as anything other than social sabotage long range planning and who really wanted their comfortable monoculture of universal sameness delivered into a 22nd century stone age. I mean which bit of Cold War as vast tythe and tribute gathering system did you not get?

So do you feel lucky? Do you?

SNAFU!: China's anti-access "island defense" concerns the ...: via Free Beacon “It is likely that the PLA Navy deployed the YJ-62 to Woody Island at about the same time that HQ-9 anti-aircraft ...

The ChiComms have been given everything within the second island chain for a purpose. If they stay on mission then there will be no major trouble. If they go off script like Uncle Joe in 1940 then all bets are off, however they will be on the winning side. The lesson for USofA corp is not so much that the pendulum of 500 years of history has now swung  the other way. The 500 years simply indicates how long it took to absorb us into the original slaving system again and turn us into bitchboys and boybitches.Try building a new model armed forces when your demographics are off message and your credit rating is burned out.

All the old kingdoms of Europe found that out centuries ago, and then they got turned into pastoral backwaters.

Hunting lodges and human game reserves for the pleasurecreepzoids. Ever lived in Benelux have you?