Tuesday, 5 April 2016

HWW:Congress Will Rethink Combatant Command Boundaries

Right here, right now there is a major Angie alert. Everything is getting scaled up to the natural dimensions of a truly global conflict in every sphere.

Congress Will Rethink Combatant Command Boundaries: Reshaping, or even deleting, some of the four-star headquarters that run America’s military operations around the world could be part of broader Defense Department reforms.

Lovely map there showing the COM boundaries.

If we note that the lethality space is simply too hostile for meat presence, other than collateral, in the decision arena, think Agent Orange effects magnified by several orders of magnitude for all life forms within the kill zone, then the remoteness of the remote killing will be hermetic in its completeness. The house geldings in the west have no stomach for anything as real or imaginary as true events.

We can expect a mega 1920s USSR as far as the reportage by the court MSMbitchboys in the so called boybitch free west is concerned. Truly ignorance will be bliss for the farmed gynandrosomadicteunuchs.

Congress knows shit.

As I was trying to explain to an old commie this weekend the Vietnam war/conflict/police action/film noir/pop video was absolutely successful for the simple reason that the out of place weeds were completely removed by the gardener and his psychopathic helpers. Everyone was roundedup.

To help picture what is coming simply draw a circular boundary centered on Bandung with a two thousand mile radius. Within that zone Congress' representative perps will be cleared from the land, skies, waters and shores. All they will do is watch, if lucky, from orbit.