Thursday, 7 April 2016

HWW:Senang Diri: Singapore needs to beef up nuclear knowledge

Senang Diri: Singapore needs to beef up nuclear knowledge: Published in The Straits Times, 1 April 2016. Not an April Fools joke though. World leaders are  gathered in Washington D.C. this week  ...

In a roboport there is no way that the containerised devices are going to be ID'd. There are only two spots on the planet where they can be known. At the origin and at the target.

Do you seriously expect a society that has devoted the best part of a century investing in pop videos and industrial waste as poison fastfood to be able to do anything other than twerk and moonwalk? The west might best be characterised as the scene from 2001 a space oddity. In the scene where the primates make tools of bones a modern day equivalent for the trillion or so western zombies would have them shuvv the bleachy white remains of animals up their own arses as the optimal outcome!

RCE/SI is safe though. There is no way that the investors will allow their time servers to get dephased.