Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cry de Corps

Things to say and no wards to hang the thoughts and feelings on. No words to protect, nurture, and give shelter. It is Spring and only now have I put my Winter books away again. Why this singular delay? Was it really your passing that has slowed my inevitability, my vital ability with these words? Has a constriction stoppered me? Has my constitution changed? I remember our last conversation together. Walking through the eternal. You had been there. I wondered. Now you are gone. Have wandered past the light. My memory and retrograde glance lingers on those cold days that I thankfully never experienced. Take your time, take your place, take the just forever. I remember you…


When you come home trooper, what will you feel? What will your face, face? What is it that has been prepared for you?

What do you see trooper?

“What is an economy?” She asked of us. Her father looked at me. I returned his implied question with silence. My daughter squinted at her friend the inquizator, then to me. Having launched the unexpected from a homework assignment, my friend’s daughter awaited the paternal reply not knowing what magic she had unleashed. I thought. Carpe Diem. She, only 12 years old. He steeped in Communist theory, me full of it. Unpressured, unasked, unbidden, the unintended truth unmasked. There it stood, a perfect moment. How to tend it, to nurse this pregnant moment into birth. Carpe Diem. Looking from her father towards the two unexpectant faces I asked of them “Do you know what a philosophy of money is?” I replace you….


Show me your face, priest. Do not protest. Priest. What midden delights have been prepared for you? By you.

Where is your home priest?

Something is destroying commerce. That is; the very phantom foundations of our piratical system are being consumed by mortal erosion, moral arson. Deliberately. Not accidentally, nor through cyclic decline or sytemic fatigue. It, the crazy money, phoney economics and homicidal engine of growth is being removed from history. Everyone now knows that there is no such thing as banking, merely religioKriminal ritualists. There is no such thing as law, merely ceremony carried out unthinking. There is no freedom merely loosely sanctioned worship at prescibed times and places. Everyone knows that what is preached as capitalism is mere theft. Everyone knows that what is touted as democracy is merely gangsterism. Everyone knows that there is nothing but crime disguised as society. None of this is accidental. I know you…..


Show me your hands so called law giver. Life taker. Ritual sneak thief. What sanguinous statutes are you serving now? Think not of yourself superior...fool.

Where is your soul lawyer?

If ever there was a case to be made for the redundnacy of modern science it would surely be exemplified in the practice of medicine. Never has a single activity on the surface of planet earth enrobed itself in unearned laurels, never has a semihemidemidivinity robbed others more deserving of credit and strutted its empty promises to so many and at such great and ruinous expense. An infinite tax in treasure and blasted lives. Two examples will suffice to make this point. Cosmetic surgery as spread throughout the wealthy and abortion as practiced by the ignorant. If one glances at anything wandering around Hollywood then I think there is no further need to discuss, though I will add that the presence of these skin stretch clinics being registered in the USofA corp. GDP figures gives one a glimpse of how meaningless this metric is for anything relating to real life. Bearing in mind the above GDP quip applied to abortion clinics, I will point out that if it was not for the funny money machine global population would likely be 500 millions and abortion would be unwanted. If you don’t get that final point I will refer you to what is the origin of all economic/ritual/religious/criminal behaviour being manifest in the West. The so called NWO is merely the attempted closure of all endeavour outwith this original crime scene. We are supposed to be all coopted. No one left behind. Isn’t that so…..

relgioKriminal cabal?

Secret and sleekit. Hiding in the darkness like a malformed wee beasty. Studying the tides and currents, the slow precessions and harmonics. Watching and wanting, waiting and baiting.

Within the black envelope of that evil contrivance we will experience their false intensity of being alive.

I think you need to remember, stuffed checkers, that you’ve focussed too much energy on the celestial mechanics and not enough on the day to day invoicing. We can feel your fear. You are shit scared aren’t you? We know what you are scared of and we know that it is scared of us. That’s your job isn’t it, to keep us ignorant of that very basic fact.

You are not gods religioKriminalrats.

We all know that.

So that was just another day on Earth before the FreiKorps.