Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I love these night shots.

Image source.

Can you see where the Japanese let of their big stick in 1945?

That’s correct just south of where Unit 731 operated from and north of the K-Pop. In the dark spot. Funny that there has been so much light there in 1945 and now it is pitch dark. That is the mark of the bankster vampire.

Anyway I think I told you so .

The killer clowns in Tortuga sur Med. The psycho goons of RCE/TA Regis. The Pripyet squatters in Piratesville del Mar are happy.

Libya continues to degenerate on plan.

USofA corp how stupid are you? Well, evidence coming in suggests that you are rapidly overtaking UKplc.

Greater Bantustan, now that is a better name for what is coming.

All the action and all the killing. All the screaming and all the yelling. All the diplomacy and all the negotiated dead bodies. All of it is to remove resources that free people can use.

Go on think about it. Shah Oil v’s Ayattolah Oil. Saddam Oil v’s Holocaust Oil. Wadi Khaddafi Water v’s Nigger Killer Water.

The dynamic is to remove any resource from commercial intercourse. To kill business. To kill banking. To kill money. To kill us. To introduce a new religion.

Anyway the recent noise in and around the Plain of Jars is part of the coming ChiComm move. I think they are going through Burma. With full approval. Look out for TNPH orchestrated through Roth’s advisors. What will that be? Time is short so expect something big in Tibet.