Thursday, 28 April 2011

Some how I don’t think Allah….

…is listening, shit for brains .


I hope you noticed that there is now a lawyer in charge of the US DoD. I’ve warned many times that when these types of goons start piling up in the command structures and political decision trees that there can only be a Stalingrad moment coming up soon.

USofA corp is like a great big litigious U-bend full of massive brown stinking legislative logs. A great big dysenteric statute shithouse full of lawyerliar pongs and stinkard droppings. It needs Jeyes fluid and napalm delivered pronto before the whole thunderbox smothers the planet in green smoke.

I think you will find a direct correlation between the increase in any society’s law giver numbers, hiding in their bunkered chambers and courts; and the unending piles of dead people of a non justis bent lying in field drains, the remains of dwellings and wrecked capital goods.

Bodies piled upon bodies as the good guys get turned into dead guys.

So, Xenophon, Varus or Vortigern, are we having that “Oh shit” we’ve been sold out to the heathen moment yet?

Bearing in mind how compromised the west’s command and control structrures were on 9/11, the PROMIS infestation and other failures previous to that and the total façade and piss take that is the current security state; I feel the corollary must be in place right at this minute. Not a whiff of the ChiComm move. Nothing. The same guys that opened us up to plunder have got the channels all wrapped up tight before the “surprise” move.

Only this time we are the square heads and slanty eyed fall guys.

Some thing big is coming, we’ve been gettting too much sword and chivalry, too much pomp and pageantry and too much empire and monarchy thrown at us for over ten years now. Too much grooming and predictive programming. Just like in the 30 years leading up to 1914.