Monday, 23 January 2012

Gently die unto no thing

Living Euthanesia

What the phukking shit!!!!!!

That is part of the heathenoid education broadcast to children in this heathendump.

When one has been reduced to the level of a ditch worm, whale shit or transhumanist transresitor transformer then one will gladly accept the stinking fish proffered from one’s handlers. Like a good little penguin atheistsas or sea sick scion sea lion of the amnesian farer of breaking, swelling vomit.

The GGT  have been softly peddling this NOAHide crap for decades and the end result is the Logan’s Run down the Soylent Green shute.

Not content with destroying everyone’s lives in 2007 by doing an Ocean’s 14 on savings since 1979, the clowns here in the heathen hive started to eradicate the aboriginals by digging up the utilities. 

Water, gas and lekky down in the coldest winter last year.


Flush out the abos to make way for the expanding heathen hive.

All disguised by contract law.

Contract law and tort.


The question one needs to require of one’s self is why are the lignes of one’s life so ancient?

Why should sacrifice of life be so important to the inbred clowns who never work?

Kill before born.

Kill before dead.

Kill at any opportunity.

Kill before inception.

Kill after conception.

Kill equals debt as intercourse.

Of  course.

Troll hunt?

Cunt hunt.

You are all awaiting the Iran burn, vampire.

You are never going  to see the seeds of your loins bloom unless you understand that the whole show 
is a panto.

ChiCommland will be oil independent soon.

Wake up before the GGT and the altMSM amuse you to slit your throat.

And the person’s you are subject to, UKfools, glittering subjects as objects of falsecitizenhood, dance on your graves again.

Got it yet?