Tuesday, 24 January 2012

H/T ROK Drop

If anyone in UKplc ever expects to be employed, rather than being in servitude, then Wake The Fuck Up.


Cameron, Millipede and The Gleggeron would cum in their pants to be caught in such a stampede swirling around their motorcade.

Get real, the NOAHide world is coming onto your doorstep pronto with the Lead Pill Pharmacy making a home visit, when did your GP last do that?, if you are non compliant.

Business is nothing but a highly disguised front integrating the original crime scene into real life.It never rests, 24/7thievery.

Go on then.

Have you clocked the payday loan scam UKplc.

Everyone has been made deliberately barrasic, so the solution? 

Payday loans to pay for heat, a roof and food. Clock the APR 2000%. The Kapo running the show is connected to the KAPO di Kapo who gets his fiat fanciful imaginary miraculous mirage funny money at 0% from the Fed.

All commercial intercourse is now RICO sodomy.

Just to take the piss out of us even further they've been grooming certain players for decades, how else could a barrow boy now be banking from space!!