Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rasputin, Uncle Tom and Barry

Blood in the water. How come only the USofA corp has a fourth estate that cannot do anything other than place wordy words in circulation devoid of hard facts and infested with made up fakiry? How come the Pulitzer prize winning courtesans have suddenly gone silent? The answer has to be that the USofA corp has been morphed into a pleasing form for the banksterreligiokriminalistas.

If ever you were to ensure that your chosen heathenoid got to spend another four years doing bloody sweet FA then the jesters of the court of St James will do the trick.

There is a reason why the west was torpedoed in 2007, don’t be thinking that David X Li was acting all ChiComm wise and that the Rock/Roth weren’t in on the scam. If you remember back to what happened to Croesus, he got his skin ripped off, then the penalties for non compliance are plain to see. No one in the west today is going to be non compliant and that now extends to the general populace who have been selected for passivity. Like extras on a great alter, the individual is now a bit part player in a production, they do not know of or are aware of the overall context.  The great enterprise.

In a previous post I ribbed the Scots, in particular the fishy ming, about whether they are really serious about independence.

Let us examine this exquisite vignette a little further. Would the persons inhabiting Anglia minor really have the wits to send their deservedly elected piscine perps into the big cats den? Is there something uniquely free amongst the remainders of Hibernia and the descendents of the Picts? 

The Picts, for ever on the extermination lists of the soldiers of Babylon, just like the descendents of Bóroimhe are to this day.

So then the question. Will the free inhabited carbon based life forms north of the border make a break for the….erm…..border?

Excuse me again whilst I linger over this delicious scene. 

Having parked their bikes, the cartoon captain haddock twins' fingers stuck in dykes, ascend the great marble stairway to tell Emperor Cod that the Picts are going to break free from the iron rule of gelt. Can you imagine the faces of the faesces? Can you?

You can be sure that, within the solid gold palace, Roth will have constructed a tribute to his favourite industrialists. We will call it the Blokhin room and pink boy and caviar girl will be getting introduced to it quickly as an example to the clowns, in soon to be UAV’d Pict land. I wonder if there will be a ceremonial apron being worn for the executions?

The above will never happen because there are some thoughts which have been expunged from racial memory. Thoughts such as why were the troopers with the iron cross so big and the lads from the Gorbals so small, scion of ricket infested rats.

I’ll bet the fishery farmed guy will never dream of doing a Schacht

Can you imagine how many special forces would be deployed near his bothy if he wanted to introduce a debt free bawbee? Go on Salmond do us a favour so we can turn theorem into theory. Establish the free bawbee.

Nah! They’ve all been shown the films, as Carling said, and been to the retreats where the specially chosen go to betray their people and get their interests and morals scrambled. Just unlike Croesus. If you’ve paid attention to the, as yet unfinished, Bomb Line series, then you will know that the only NAZI society in the world today is ChiCommland. Everyone bangs on about the three nations that do not have Roth central banks and forget that it is not about central banking; it is about killing persons who are non compliant. North Korea is a free banking zone and yet is enslaved to the Roth by starvation, banking by other means. 

You got to wise up fast chums.

The real arbiter of human development is the trap of money. Just look at the way it works when everything is being stolen. Moneydebt is created by magik from nothing and flooded, larded over to the sorcerers of banking to flog, force onto the dispossessed and hungry at a shamanic multiple of their nominal window. So 0% goes to 5% goes to 10-50% and if you get really fucked over 2000% at the payday loan theft. However let us keep it prudent and simple, i.e. when the Babylonians are not in charge but simply an immigrant refugee minority getting ready to take over the system.

By the time you get notes/credits in your pocket there is already a 20% hole in the commercial intercourse. Even if you are the most genius of business persons, and not a slaver, you will never ever acquire as much lucre as the clowns running the show. If you are a slaver then you are monoheathenistoccultreligiokriminal by bent, chosenite. The 20% hole in economic activity finances the true economy. The crime scene’s progress through history killing all non compliance.

Go on then Sturgeon, how come Lenin, Trotsky and the assorted killer clowns were knee deep in fancy money and the boys on Clydeside were TB’d and poor?

You phukkin’ muppets. Go get to phukk you Phukk D’Witz.

Scottish independence?

A collection of boybitches and bitchboys parked in an expensive masonically architected, overpriced, built environment cattle shed, hall of ordure.

Anyway back to the NAZI state of ChiCommland. It has been given a licence, a licence for what? 

Compliance of course.

There are free persons out there having their own thoughts and they will be getting a severe administration from the Lead Pill Pharmacy and Medicine sans Frontiers plutonium. All delivered at hypervelocity and stealth. 

Who is going to be doing the administering of care? 

ChiComm forces who’ve been training non stop whilst the fools in the Pentangle, where the auditors were assassinated, have been burning out their troopers and hardware for over a decade now.

Who is going to stop this? 

I apologise for the Marxian inevitability but you need to know that this crap is not new, it is old and planned for millennia. Marx just got lucky in being given the chance to fuck around doing bugger all but regurgitating magik.

By the time we get to 2016 the office of the President will be ripe for eradication like the Emperor of the Russians a century ago. Made a mockery of and discredited in a typical Alinskyist scam.

By that time the hyper littoral war will be raging.

No one will leave UKplc except by Rothschild’s leave. Have you checked the Berlin Wall travel taxes?


The fools that scrape a living in the UKplc keep Roth’s villas all secure via English heritage.

Do not expect anything from the clowns parked in Anglia major, Anglia minor, Anglia gael except compliance.

They’ve gone heathen.