Thursday, 8 November 2012

More On Fiction and/or Pathfinding

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What purpose did the great bomber streams serve? What did pushing 1000 bombers through a small volume of Reich airspace, over a small area of Nazi realty in a short space of time, all ruined by targeting creep, achieve?

What did all the dead 55,000+ RAF and Dominion flyers get deployed to achieve with no recognition for their battle service to the Empire over the Reich? Especially Berlin.

Was there any purpose to the removal of hundreds of thousands of German civilians from existence?

Let us keep this short. For it will bite us in the ass soon.

The primary weapon system deployed against the German people was activated by Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht 1933, in concert with his bond buddy Montague Norman and the Fed. A two thousand year blood debt. If you don’t get that you will be forever useless. Not usruryless, jastas no just thing. A tactical nuclear division was deployed to obfuscate by greed of the perverted, on demand, analogue. Orphan homed as an atomised, annually abused lonely economic child in equation envy.  Keynes.

(Just to let you in on a great secret, a nation can develop quickly when freed from the 5-10 bankster tax that kicks in BEFORE any economic activity. Why do you think USofA corp is now phukked? 5-10 tax before a waste of tax payers money on ammunition whilst at peace. That is geometric suicide. Phukk D’Witz. Though unlike the supporters of GRÖFAZ, who idolise the muppet, you’ze gotzta understand the racket ante and that takes more than induction to open secret organisations)

If that that last non bracketed, unlike Hamburg, paragraph passed you by, destruction of high quality German family housing was a prime target of the command. Not to deny the massive holocausted, incinerated, collateral damage of a warm house but to deny the potential invading witnesses, who’s familiars had lived in shit holes for centuries in England. Evidence of their dullardedtude. Propagated at home, for when you are too thick to manoeuvre you think. Wanting for a rabbit. They were never going to get there though, the sluice gate was open.

As alluded to earlier we need to look at the Protektorate, where workers were respected and rewarded for their labour, free of slavery. Free in the swimming pools and contracted. Soon to be, as usual, biblically redacted in fiction and legend financed by infinite paper money darts of lethality

Funny that.

All that the great big wheezy bomber fleets did, the high altitude were rationed by “hunting” for deployment after the false iron curtain employment scheme came down to slavery, was to flush the German tech out of the Reich for pick up later.

Theft as Smedley Bulter recognised the long term scam.

Look at the defences of Berlin 1945, naked.

Look at the defences of the Protektorate in early 1945.

Everything waiting for pick up.

Pick up?

Evacuated except for the morsels.

Bikini and Inchon next via Soviet OMG.