Monday, 19 November 2012

On More On Fiction and/or Pathfinding

So much hang out, implossionable to limit, milked to create a fission fiction and distraction.  Separate and lift the reality with images of bloated steam. Two mass gun attractors.

What was hiding and flushed into the Protektorate? And enema’d. In which we are supposed to believe that a triple ring of security kept all tight, dry and secret. No colostomies. Secret from the occulted? No way. Accounting systems are the iCSI. All was known in BIS Basle.

Awaiting pick up.

Awaiting Patton’s famous army.

If there was no thing to be stolen from Germany then why the transport of slaves to disguise the theft? Why the factional fictional insistence of 6 million dead original heathen believers disguised as monoheathenised jews supplied by Zionists to the Nazi slaving machine? Why the proposed Ashkenazi flight to the Roth fire base in RCE/TA with Nazi blessing during the fire fight? Why the ignorance of the 100 million dead Europeans?

Remember this insult to our intelligence is the future they would engineer for us all in TesMartBurySonderkommando KapoAushwitzSlaversSatietedStateMall shopping trolley mine fields. Death, debt and slavery. A practiced run. The reinstitution of the company store of Hudson Bay. A closed system. Whilst the fools are kick starting ladyboys (H/T to you know who you are) and pull starting weaponised hookers of leisure and pleasure in far away sand swept mansions of lined, photographed and scored opium child violation. Drowning in falsified money, ersatz wealth.

What is there not to believe in? LIBOR? BIKINI?

Why the current gold fixation? Why the sudden appearance of a “scrap” gold front in London immediately after 2007? Now gone. What got resolved?

All is falsetitty. Full spectrum bullshit.

What is it that really phukks me off? The visceral knowledge that all presented to me throughout my life has been a fictitous banquet of crumbs, left overs and reconstituted offal. Are we never to be allowed to ignore the filth or have our peace. Only the official truth is to be allowed to search our ears and bleach our mind’s eye. That it is a continuum of witches’ spew, canonical, catechal and will never cease until we die.

Now it is our time to write of what the scribes have wrought in larcenous amnesia and wright the wrongs as only a true wordsmith can forge.

Why BIKINI naked in clear sight.