Tuesday, 6 November 2012

On Fiction or Pathfinding

At last the musings are structured in order to make some sense. We can finally bring all the thoughts that have been deliberately scattered by education and Manchurian candidacy into focus. By chance a while back I got deep into the bowels of the state educational process here in UKplc and realised that there is a programme of deliberate discrimination and stultification at work. So when I ask myself the question “Is your view more or less valid than the given INCOMING!!!!!!!?” My answer is “Yes” far more valid because it is not a supplicant’s view point.

Apologies if this thing gets too long. I want to finish off the stuff started, and summarised here, a long time ago in one final blast.

So what can I address that we never get to discuss or read of in the day dream media?

I will address the “Lines” here and hopefully finish off something that has bugged me ever since I was a boy. Specifically I will give a good booting to the fiction of the more local Lines, The Bomb Line, The Iron Curtain and Nth/Sth Korea. I will leave further discussion on the ancient Ziggurat Line for the other shop.

As I mentioned previously certain “events” like Berlin, Inchon and Bikini slip under the radar because we are kept ignorant of the true nature of what came to pass. What actually was the purpose of these events, what caused their engineering there in our reality?

Well then let us start with the series I called the Bomb Line. If one looks at the true nature of the shooting match then, despite what we are told, the National Socialist state did not mobilise for war until 1943. Unlike UKplc which kicked off in 1939, USofA corp which “officially” mobilised in 1942 and the heathenoid Marxist shit heap called USSR, which was being financed by RCE/NY, to kill its people and mobilised for war from 1930.

Now just an aside here. We are supposed to believe that things are occluded when the dialectic causes opposing systems to bring a state of “Cold War” into being. That no one can know what is happening on the other side. All is dark. Well that is bollox. The banksters know everything. Why? Debt based finance is a system for spying on the whole human race. That is why no independent central bank can be allowed to exist. The banking system is a fully integrated 24/7 monitoring and intelligence system for the banksters and those who accept their given religions are weapon systems to be deployed against humanity. That’s correct; monotheism is a weapon system whose root is in the original bankster crime scene thousands of years ago.

Anyway back to looking at UKplc. Interestingly it is only by 1942/43 that the weapon of choice to be deployed from Airstrip One was ready. 3 or 4 years of phoney war and rationing, the sudden appearance of infinite amounts of capital on both sides of the Atlantic, after millions in USofA corp had died when there was a sudden, natural and mysterious disappearance of capital in the 1930s. Hey don’t look too close, there be Nazi’s about. So when one looks at just what the heavy bomber force achieved the answer is no thing. Square head weapon production skyrocketed, new weapon systems were developed and deployed, the most advanced concepts were tested and made operational. So what actually was achieved by the vast bomber fleets assembled just in time for full German mobilisation?

(I’ve run out of time for today so perhaps a page at a time until the endwoch.)