Friday, 17 January 2014

A Flash Pt 2

Cont from A Flash Pt 1

So what is really troubling me here is causality of those casualty figures above, 700,000!! This important for if the dead geezers were to be shipped home only to have their crucifixes removed from their headstones in cemeteries across USofA corp. then there would have been trouble long before the designer trouble. I mean real trouble of the running out of Dodge kind for a bunch of lickspittles who never fought for anything and always take and steal everything. The early adapters and adoptpros of Môn heathenism, Yahweh’s expendables, spinning chicken soupier troopers of the yin and yank, of the perps/victims Janus myth.

Remember if your fellow tribeheathen can print all the money in circulation you get to publish as much of anything as you want. It is called psychohistory.

So; as an antidote to psychohistory, let’s have some forensic story telling.

When Hog Wild got taken down over Hungnam in 1945 did someone in Washington DC get that Stalin, Palace of the Soviets, feeling? That certain nagging doubt that they were not getting the real big picture. Did someone suddenly realise that the future was not as they had been lead to believe?

The signs were there for over a year before hand in 1944 and were evident a year afterwards in 1946. Well we can be sure that at the metahistory level there was no such dissonance. At the Schacht/Strong reporting level the accounting ledger would have needed rebalancing because something had gone wrong with the timetable.

The killing off of USofA corps independent population in the 1930s in order to create a dependent population was not as successful as hoped. There were still leaders in the USofA corp. who were not in the pockets of the Cru, though on the same page. I mean compare and contrast with today’s leadership. All 4 star decision makers 2014 are nothing but money shuvvellers to the corporates, corporates that deliver over priced shit compared to the foe, and POTUS is a bitchboy. USofA corp. is fully Apiru Cru complaint and that means, because past behaviour is a clear indicator of future behaviour, USofA corp. is going to get taken down by the Apiru Cru.

So with less than 30 years since the establishment of the Apiru Federal Reserve having passed, the USofA corp. was hauled online and sent rolling. The controls on the USofA corp. were massive in order to ensure that there would be no over stepping of the bounds assigned at the Meta level. Like handicapping of a horse, the race was fixed.

Weapons supply to UKplc and USSR.
Feed to UKplc and USSR.
Logistics and motorisation to Ukplc and USSR
Tech transfer to USSR via UKplc

On top of all that USofA corp. had to prosecute two full scale, full on hi-tech wars on land, sea and air AND research the Bomb!!! Yet still the USofA corps ran away with the show. Man the Roth, chief Apiru reps of the late sixth millennium, were pissed.