Monday, 6 January 2014

On False Flags

If you were the lads in the big room busting open another box of the finest rolled tobacco leaf, how would you review your past century’s work? How would your report back to Apiru Zentral look as you warmed the schooner in your hand?

Well as an operative you have been trained and bred to see the world as a closed system within your closed world assumptions, so the best way would be to present a prayer sheet of profit. No losses allowed.

Here in UKplc there is a crisis. Always there is a crisis. Whatever needs doing there is a crisis within that system. Though there is never a crisis when it comes to sex slavery and procurement of victims. In that case the system works perfectly every time and place. The prayers of the perps are always answered.

Are the reservoirs bursting now? UKplc has been under water, unterzeebootUKplc, for months now. Are the reservoirs fit to burst? Well no one in the GGT or any other part of UKplcPRAVDA will ask the question. The best we got from a leadership graduate of some government front for any corporation stealing money, was to get some Marigolds in!!

So we can bet that in the wettest country on the planet there will be water rationing in the summer. No one will ask just what evil acts were perpenetrated upon young Humans in UKplc by eviloids like Janner et al, when the clown with the cigar was buggering boys under full BBC cover. Always a crisis, nothing works.

No one will ask just how come after we started killing off our young men in 1914 that the country is knee deep in the scion of those who never fought for anything? No one ever looks at the former so called 5th largest economy in the religioPonzi scheme and asks how come there has never been full employment in UKplc for over 100 years?

No one notices, as they strive for the 6 Sigma or some other TQM shit rosette, that they do not live in an economy. They inhabit an estate and as estate workers they better not say anything. So much for the land of the Mother of Parliaments and Free speech!!! One wrong move in the 6 Sigma, 5th column front, 4th world plantation bronze age shitheap and one is terminated employment wise and black balled forever. Getting that temple girl, stone age stylee feel, UKplc?

So in the part of the ledger marked UKplc the big lads in the ball room could mark themselves with a AAAA+, VG, A** or whatever shit metric is used these days to show one how well one has done in the thickery stakes.

UKplc: Everyone dead, all unemployed, unsanctioned enterprise dead, rationing in full effect, women and children unprotected. The country club is peaceful and open to all members. Full services provided and any appetite catered for.
Rating: AAAA+***

One could run through the great big spreadsheet and itemise every so called country precisely like so.

So what kicked this mizzthought stray from the happy place?

Mount Etna.