Tuesday, 7 January 2014

On Flat Tops

So why did Etna set me wondering then, yesterday?

Well it was volcanic activity that really did it and the sudden dusty storm coming from an old dental practice nearby. The tooth pullers, a real dentist not a cosmetic play ground, have been evacuated for some years now. So HAZMAT and NBC suits, huge “danger of death” like signage, CSIlike taping and geezers in DayGloHiVIZ (note the new commissars do not have to wear the ideological/regulation garb) Mao’s Red Pioneerslike. Statements of workplace practice being red out by an approved CHEKAlike operative every morning, commiestylee. So with a MEGA housing shortage in The Smoke, someone has finally got round to redeveloping a prime bit of real estate. All in line with ODP Two Jags’ higher packing densities. What used to house one family will now house ten households. Just like Pompeii got higher packing densitied once taken down by the Romans.

This is one of the signs that after killing all our young men from 1914-1960 UKplc has been taken down. Just like whilst all the Roman cives were fighting and dying in the legions overseas, someone snuck in and stole their home land, so with UKplc. Go ask the bantams or the pals, go on.

It is all the usual mindphukkery of the thickery spread by imported degenerates.

A great example springs to mind as I clocked the blurb about a prog on the GGT shown recently. So let me see how much mindphukkery of the thickery you have imbibed then. Answer me this?

A collection of psychopathic clowns dripping in blood have hijacked the power of a vast state under an international homicidal doctrine. It is run by Red clowns steeped in Yahwatheistic holohubris. This collection of dysfunctional inbred colouredkillermonoaheathen will do to you what they did to your compadres in Poland.

Do you            a) team up and blow the mothers to oblivion
                        b) shit yourselves and await your fate in the woods
                        c) side with the perps and hope for the best.
                        d) take the piss out of your population.

Well if you watched the GGT and Jeremy Clarkson recently you would know that the Mother of Parliaments did c)+d).

How can one explain the fact that a bunch of state actor gangsters financed, fed, teched and motorised by RCE/NY, who made it quite clear for over two decades that they looked forward to dragging every one of the MPs, Lords, Bishops, academics, teachers, lawyers, policemen, office holders et al into Epping Forest and doing a Katyn Wood on them, could find British seamen struggling through hellish waters to deliver war material? British seamen that would find their scion unemployed after the piss take was over!

Go ask Moribund and his bro what side his daddy’s daddy was going to be on when the first assault craft load of CHEKA and political executioners landed dockside in London (soon to be renamed Karl Marxton) circa Dec 1941?

So what can one expect from a society that is nothing more than a temple altar?

As yet I cannot determine the actual metrics used by the ├╝berclowns in the backroom to measure and estimate the switch. Is it Darwinian in its reaction or Lamarckian in its action, this tripping of the breaker? However we can use an analogue to map the coming ruin.

However let us first look at the nature of the current crop of flat tops. We’ve got two monsters building, the Nips have two in the water, one precommissioning unit and another building in the dry dock. The Hindhus have two afloat and swanning through the Arabian gulf and one fitting out. Spaghetti eaters have two, garlic swillers have four, paella shuvvellers have two, the Ockkers have one and one building. The lads who love kimchi have one commissioned and the ChiComms have one pootling around the stations where the last of the gunfighters used to hit reheat 4-5 decades ago.

So what do they all have in common? They are not aircraft carriers afterall.

To understand that one should start with CVA01 and her escorts. Her escorts eventually got the ski jump and dumped the SS missiles. Any soviet derived design is a cruiser with aircraft. An aircraft carrier imparts the initial flight speed to her aircraft; the airframes do not do that themselves. So anything that is not a CV or CdG is a cruiser of sorts. So I keep coming back to what the hell is the largest floating airfield ever built doing occupying dock space in Scotland?

Well in a country that used to have an MSM screaming about a sitting government needing to go to the polls at this stage in a parliamentary cycle keeping schtumm this time round, then we can discount anything they have to say about the two behemoths in Fife.

Have you noticed that there is no clamour to discuss whether Cameron has turned yellow? Too chicken to call an election? The GGT and MSM have been told to STFU on this issue and concentrate on the water levels.

So with all the MSM bollox about the RN floating into the sunset on HMS Lizzy 1 or HMS PoW to bring pax Brittanica again to the heathen, otherwise known as kinetic intervention at a wedding party, being the meme to justify the rip off that is a contractors pig trough, we should look hard at what is really going to happen in the real world. With the current schedule of commissioning and the unlikelihood of them fielding F35Bs they will be part of some EU operations in the hyper littoral war. UNFOR attack helicopters and special forces infiltration. All the time that their EU crews will be at sea their families will be displaced by imported taxi drivers at home.

Plus ├ža change.