Wednesday, 5 February 2014

El Fli

How do you know that the governments, our leaders, the ones we expect to be responsible or in charge of the community, have gone on the fly?

One sign is that you are left behind to die in the snow. No matter what you do, the forces surrounding you are financed to make sure you meet your end in anonymity, unmarked and unknown. That kessell moment.

Just what were the Cameroids doing this past four years? Just what were the Monoccularmaniac and the Kreigsverbrecher doing in the years after 1997?

Two classics recently serve as pointers to the uncoupling of the geezers stiffing us for their inflated salaries and the rest of us drowning or standing in the cold.

The PM’s office let it be known that the LU may be considered an essential service.

So whilst the criminal cabal that get invited to infest 10 Learning Difficulty/Special Needs & Diversity Strasse were supposed to be governing us and attending to our political wishes as a United Kingdom (Shitton Kondom) they were actually sitting around taking the piss. Instead of ensuring that the coastline was secure, planning for housing was thorough, essential services were fully funded and the Kingdom secure what did they do?

Get our sons and daughters killed for the Mafia operating out of Pennsylvania Avenue (Transylvania Zombie Zentral)

Import terrorists and international criminal families.

Spy on every move that the voters made whilst turning a blind eye to slavers, killers, murderers, child procurers and drug runners establishing/using operational bases within the Kingdom.

Stuff us all into AGENDA 21 cattle pens.

Give as much money as needed, unlimited funds, to the Ponzi fraudsters in banking.

What more evidence does one require to realise that these elected freaks have been to re-education camps. They are divorced from us. They behave just like a King of Judea dragged off to Avaris or Babylon and returned. They are just like the guests of Stalin returned from the Treblinka. Dead to us.

So could we rebuild the agenda of a Cabinet meeting during this period 1997-2014? Well we can have a good punt at it. In order to really rub in the salt we will contrast and compare what we as responsible adults would have put onto the agenda with what the real agenda most likely was.

10 Learning Difficulty/Special Needs & Diversity Strasse: Agenda Cabinet Meeting Any date any 1990-2014.

Attendees: The usual Phukkwitz.

  1. New hidden taxes
  2. Nudge strategy
  3. Where Soros wants us to use our smart weapons next
  4. How many refugees are to be invited and from which criminal families
  5. Transgenderism
  6. Transhumanism
  7. Diversity
  8. Destruction of the country and replacement of population with clients.
  9. How to keep taking the piss out of the scum
  10. D Notices needed and who gets deep sixed

10 Downing Street: Agenda Cabinet Meeting today.

Attendees: Us

  1. Close the borders
  2. Arrest warrants needed and served
  3. Secure the borders