Friday, 7 February 2014


You phukking wot?

What do you think the whole of NATO’s existence since 1990 has been?

How many dead persons that the banksters hate?

More NATO nonce sense coming up in Sochi so keep your heads down.

In 1945 the UK Army got a general hurry on after years of fucking around and stopped the Soviets, read Russians, from getting to the Atlantic. In 1945 the US Army got a general hurry on to loot Germany und Reichsprotektorate before the Soviets, read Russians, got their hands on the gold and tech. In 2014 NATO cannot stand the Russian fleet in the Med. Oh how that must really smart. Centuries of keeping the Russ out of unfrozen ports using stupid treaties like the Bosphorous crap.

However no one seems to mind the ChiComms slavers skulking around the Med, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean, Panama canal, Bay of Bengal, Yankee Station, Dixie Station, Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan in fact any where they please.

Can you imagine anything RN…oh I cannot be bothered. If you want to see how this is going top pan out just go read up about Fat Leonard and then read why HMS Ark Royal sank out side Gib.

Any way the one thing I will say is that when, not if, when the ChiComms and their Marines face off against the “Allies” my money, GoldmanSucks will accept my bet, will be on the geezers not checking their compliance/diversity/gender bias manuals and ensuring that their various altars and totems are fully joss sticked and draped with issues flags and trinkets.

It isn’t the super sonic missiles that will send LBJ to the bottom of Subic Bay it is the checking of boxes before any decision can be made.

Mind you there is also the likelihood that the White House will have Pearl Harboured them.

The banksters always get their current super troopers where they want them. All it takes is unlimited fiat funny money and bankster breedingspies.