Thursday, 27 February 2014

On Temperatura Oscura February 27th

Still there in Korsun-Cherkassy.

And the Belgians of course.

So what is going on?

To summarise. 

With Rome handing over control back to Jerusalem then the last remaining obstacle to removal of Ba’al’s godlike pretensions in Europe resides in Muskovy. 

Nowthen nowthen boys and girls. With the eviloids banging out and planning centuries ahead, covering their retreat by fomenting massive war within their scalability capabilities. Rule of thumb here, if they can manage it they will do it. Then what comes next? Where is the spot that their scalability capabilities are fully deployed to kill massively?

From the manoeuvrings it can only be the removal of the ancient, again, since the last remaining rival modern currency capability was liquidated between 1913 and 1947.

If we can assume that the ChiComms are kosher then the schwerepunkt will be south.

India/Indonesia will need to be strategically realigned within the limited aims of Ba’al.

However the old maxim of von Moltke the Elder still holds true.

Or to put it more clearly, 

Ba’al is too stupid to realise the closed system futility of it’s actions. Ba’al has learning difficulties, just like his worshippers in gold. I mean how thick can you get? You’d reckon after 5000 years of eviloiding you’d get the universal message.