Monday, 7 July 2014

2020 the year of the ChiComms

China Now Believes That It Can Defeat The U.S. In A War

A Chinese Type 071 amphibious assault ship. Via Chinese Internet

China Thinks It Can Defeat America In Battle -- David Axe, The Week/War is Boring

But it overlooks one decisive factor.

The bad news first. The People's Republic of China now believes it can successfully prevent the United States from intervening in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan or some other military assault by Beijing.

Now the good news. China is wrong — and for one major reason. It apparently disregards the decisive power of America's nuclear-powered submarines.

Moreover, for economic and demographic reasons Beijing has a narrow historical window in which to use its military to alter the world's power structure. If China doesn't make a major military move in the next couple decades, it probably never will.

The U.S. Navy's submarines — the unsung main defenders of the current world order — must hold the line against China for another 20 years. After that, America can declare a sort of quiet victory in the increasingly chilly Cold War with China.

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My Comment: This story was actually posted a few months back .... I guess it is making the rounds again. As to the Chinese belief that China could actually defeat America in battle .... I first noticed this trend on my last trip to China about two years ago. I remembered posting in this blog my incredulity that such an idea was actually being accepted by many in China's political elite .... but that is a belief that is growing.

As to the U.S. submarine advantage .... it is true that they can (and probably will) sink a major part of the Chinese naval fleet in any shooting war .... but I doubt that the Chinese will use their forces in such a matter. The Chinese will use air assets to move their forces, and will try their best to avoid this submarine threat ... unless of course we read reports in a year or two on the Chinese investing heavily in anti-submarine hardware.


Rhaegar said...
This is bad news, hope china dosent get stupin enouth to start a giant war in Asia.
How wil the new borders on the Chinese maps influence their realtionship to Vietnam, Japan, India and the Philipins. 
How is the oil rig conflict betwen China and Vietnam going? Have the Vietnamese tried to regain "face" yet?
How "agressive" is China on exspanding its border?

“Now the good news. China is wrong — and for one major reason. It apparently disregards the decisive power of America's nuclear-powered submarines.”


“In 1939 "Tukhachevsky's doctrine" failed to support national interests in two ways. Doctrine was not based on strategic requirements and the doctrinal requirement for free thinking leaders was not consistent with the atmosphere Stalin had created. Many of Tukhachevsky's ideas were developed from the tactical level up to the operational level. The ideas did not start from a strategic situation and work down to tactics.82 The result was brilliant doctrine that was not based on strategic requirements. Over the years strong leaders, such as Frunze and Tukhachevsky, had influenced strategic thinking.83 They ensured there was a link connecting strategy and doctrine. As the influential leaders were eliminated, Stalin easily influenced the surviving members of the High Command and drove military thought.84 The surviving military leaders failed to ensure the Red Army and doctrine kept pace with changing national strategy. The other breakdown between national strategy and doctrine involved the role of initiative and creative thinking in the military.
The doctrinal requirement for initiative was inconsistent with Stalin's general mistrust of bold, independent thinking officers.85 Tukhachevsky believed commanders had to think for themselves on the battlefield. Commanders had to demonstrate initiative” The Soviet-Finnish War, 1939-1940 Getting the Doctrine Right 

Got any idea what are the prime objectives of any sub commander or flag officer in the coming big one? What will keep their jobs and guarantee promotion? The officer ranks are being purged as we speak and have been for some time. Do you think dead ChiComm slavers in the water might do it? Do you think a victory will do it? Nah.

The great big WTC7, the Frankfurt School elephant in the room, the jewbredRED intellectual turd in the punch bowl, the usual Marxist anti-success closed system Talmudic bollox is……..

When the ChiComm super stealthy AI/non nuclear fleets within the second island defence chain are ready to complete their firing solutions and queues, the USN drivers will be looking over their shoulders at their political officers and commissars shore side.


All the dead and defeated US boat crews will be diversity compliant all righty.