Wednesday, 16 July 2014

You have got to be shitting me!!!

I phucking love this bit.

“Anders Fogh Rasmussen, its outgoing secretary general, said recently that Russia is no longer a reliable partner for the West.”

So let us have a squeak at the new proposed “partners” in need of our “protection”.

All sourced from the great big book of wonder, CIA WorldFactbook. Now then now then boys and girls jingle-jangle uhyou-uhyou-uhyo, remember the origins of our favourite drug runners in The Farm, Langley. Gehlen’s FHO and US OSS/Mi6. So secret societies, occultists, nazi/commie/zionist triple agents, degenerates, butthole surfers, psychopaths, murderers and assorted mafia eviloids funded by RCE/LC-RCE/NY.

Here are the prime examples of state meat on sale in the Forum.

In summary. Three shit holes from the non state of Yugoslavia  bombsite. Yugoslavia; a bastard unstate cobbled together from the wreckage of WW1. What pedigrees!! The other shitehole run by a tie eating gangster bitchboymol trouble maker who tried to kick something big off in 2008 with the help of the boybitches in RCE/TA by attacking Russia. A terror state.

So WTF do the inhabitants of UKplc, who can look forward to cheap mongaloans to finance a flight out of one of our many spaceports soon, have in common with any of these backward mafia statelets? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA phukk me what a shitheap!!! BTW don't forget to stay indoors in case the invisible bombs powered by your fully charged cell phone goes off in your face in a country made safe by our ever vigilante security services. Wingardiam in camera.

While we are at it let us have a look at the recent history of the older members of NATO. Remember NATO was there to protect us from the devilishly fiendish creature invented to haunt our every waking hour by the liars operating out of RCE/NY. RCE/NY who handed all the money, food, fuel, weaponry and technology to create their Frankenstein’s monster in the first place.

UKplc started WW1 and WW2. Used chemical weapons of mass destruction post 1919. Deliberately set up Poland for liquidation in 1938. Invaded Norway 1940. Invaded Persia with the USSR 1941. The original WMD terror state. Took the piss out of all its subjects for 50 years, 1905-1955. Has never stopped talking bollox since. Home of war criminals and general ZioStooges Blair and Brown.

USofA corp. False flagged the war with Spain. Invaded Iceland 1940. Committed genocide against the Pilipino peoples early 20th century. Bombed every mud hut and bamboo sunshade within range from B17s, B 24s, B29s, B50s and B52s for decades. Smart weaponed every paracetamol factory, goat herder and wedding party in existence. Dropped two black magic devices on church goers on behalf of ziofreeks ceremonially using their new toys from the Reich. Carried on all Reichsprotectorate human experimentals and UNIT 731 living human animal experimemets, devised many of their own and now run a open border ziobanksterGulag behind an electric fence. Betrayed by its zioPOTUS since 1913.

France. Clapped out has been all through the 20th century. Centre for mid East terrorist operations. Likes to hide behind mommie's skirts.

Netherlands. Did nothing except provide the core for the crack SS 5 division 1943-45. Stooged on both sides during WW1 and WW2.

Canada. A nothing.

Oh did I forget to mention UKplc that every waking moment you experience is covered by a great big Big Brother psycho mummy D Notice. Every thing you fart is GCHQ’d. The pirateportal at Heathrow cannot operate without importing millions of terrorist and criminal family networks into the country to keep the property bubble going? Did I mention that fact?

The UKplc; a club for child killers (now then now then) and where to be taken into care is to be sentenced to become a plaything of the deadmeet societies (boys and girls) and gentlepersons slaughter houses by Appointment to the Crown (who’ll fix it for you). Did I mention that fact?

Perhaps the prospective new members ought to sigh relief that they are not going to be invited in by an invite they daren’t refuse for protection.

Oh I forgot to mention that the associate NATO member, RCE/TA, which will have us all racing to its defences, the turdbucket, if it pulls another false flag, 9/11stylee, in down town Haifa, is nothing but a fire base terrorist training camp sponsored by Rothschild and created/staffed by terrorists out of Pripyet/Reichprotectorate and RCE/NY from 1919-47.

Go go NATO!!

Nuke the phukks from orbit.