Friday, 4 July 2014


Built to the cheapest RICO standards, civilian/commercial spec, every aspect of the program technologically gutted by mercospys and yet many times over budget despite the cheapo build quality and general phukkwittery around its non role. Sponsored by two minority governments, as usual UKplc does not understand it is a primitive collective, that did nothing but kill massive numbers of foreign civilians, whilst doing nothing to stop the killing of its own subjects, through proxies or our own weaponry. The general public, or those that remain of it in the UKplc transit camp for criminal families and faux refugees, must wonder if the HMS QE/HMS PoW make work programme is another RMS QM /RMS QE? This ignorant isle for immigrant supremacists’ and a thief’s wet dream for degeneracy. This occupied island of the Rothschild pleasuredom in the torturedome has got a barge named today for what?

A group of slaved, serfed, tythed islands off Europe owned by ChiComm and Wahabiist slavers. Handing over tribute via its asset strip fronting parliament like plantation imbeciles. Staffed for the entertainment of privileged child killers and child slavers. Tittified by sex criminals and ruled by Roth pimps. A group of islands kow towing to misogynist, murdering, stone age anti democratic, anti freedom bitchboy and boybitch tools of the money creatures. A group of islands long since removed of its natives and aboriginals that cannot get its parasitical cryptocreep royalty lynched, has got some ironware ready to float to where and for what purpose?

For many years the whole idea has seemed anathema. UKplc has torpedoed the culture that made it a great naval power. Bye-bye fishing fleets, maritime commerce, ship building industry and press ganging. Hello spying, financing terrorism and general mincing around under servile nonce industry cover harvesting infanticidal money hawkers to the breast of intellectual property pimpswhores’ protection.

To cap it all, the promise of Rolls Royce motors powering its VSTOLairwing have gone to phukk as well. I mean as if it wasn’t enough to break all the developmental rules by dumping a new motor into a new airframe they went and screwed the whole concept by dragging dead weight and empty volume around the sky at high mach numbers!!!

When was the last time you saw a bunch of lactose intolerant, hayfevered, diversity compliant, criminal imported, Xfarter rejects storm a beach or take out a pill box, defended by near peer forces, covered by 9g 50ml aerodrug crash dummies flying espionaged junk?

So what is 65,000 tons of target going to do for us? What is a shit load of F35crap, the ruin of western tacair, going to deliver off target? What is the mission?

If I was an Al Qaeda/ISIS/Wahaabiist/OsamaBinliner disciple genius international terror mastermind I’d have used some of the money handed to me by RCE/TA and the training provided by HMGs armed forces and bought on the open market some of the weaponry looted by western mercenaries/homicidal maniac John Company operatives in Libya and taken out the whole shebang, kit and caboodle, piss taking circus aujourd’hui. I mean who is going to stop me? The RN? As I sat outside the territorial limits and popped off a 1950s vintage cruise missile delivered by the Fat Boy’s traffic cops via the non linear Sanguinal PyongYang Lineas ?

So the intended target cannot be for use against any standard GWOT perp, they can shoot back, it can only be for use in asymmetrical warfare of the kind practiced by the moral authorities laying down the statutes here in the paragon of human virtue that is the semitic play ground known as the West, since the Ba’al Hammon worshipping killerclowns schlepped out of the swamps into western Europe. That’s correct our dusty donkey driving intergenerational blood drenched cowards of the Calapsepilepticapocalypse. Always skulking in the money temples and secreting their breeding bitches away from sullying by the herd.

Let me see now, poisoned wells, rape, pillage, genocide, pox blankets and mustard gas for the natives, but where? Who has dissed the Roth recently and deserves a good twatting? Who has got all uppity and needs fuerzes espeziales inserted? Who needs irregular mercs and head hunter terrorists supplied from off shore? Who is defenceless under a NATO sky?