Monday, 21 September 2015

Ehrenburg/Luxemburg/Goebbels alive and well at the child procuring GGT

Every crime that the child entrapping fiction factory GGT is involved in is always called "historical" like it all stopped once the GGT was caught with its members in the dead bodies.

In truth the GGT is a 24/7 living stinking pile of money stealing, nation grooming, murder propagandising, death cheerleading, trouble stirring, spook infested evil pile of waste needing to be placed firmly in the centre of an godlike CEP or quarantined like Sellafield/Chyernobyl.

As Sheridan,Fitts et al recommend, for the foreseeable future this type of poisonous western system and its employees/managers/governors/controllers/suppliers should at the minimum be shunned.