Tuesday, 22 September 2015

HWW: Throwing instability into the alliances deliberately as part of an....

...operation of engineered pivot failure to the East and guaranteed ChiComm success.

Which bit of "Every bit of F35 technology got handed over during the programme to the nation's "ENEMIES" by US elected officials, military corporates, allies and foreign employees" don't you get?

F-35: the RICO weapon system that keeps on giving to the enemy.

Naval Open Source INTelligence: U.S. Refuses to Transfer Key Tech for Fighter Jet ...: The U.S. has refused to transfer core technologies connected to the next-generation F-35 fighter jets to Korea, throwing plans to acquire 40...

I would add to this that the IAI Lavi curtailment by US accelerated the RCE/TA pivot to the ChiComms.

As I said earlier expect ChiComm J20s on the tarmac, flying the star of David, soon, in the pirate base.