Tuesday, 1 September 2015

HWW: National Sabotage by Paper Planes and Commisar Paper

"Of course the picture wouldn't be complete until it is mentioned that, knowing how Malaysia is being run, with corruption being endemic and commonplace, many individuals may potentially stand to benefit from the proposed upgrading of the MiG$. They could be government officials or military officers involved with the project, or else brokers or middleman, contractors and suppliers. Through kickbacks, unauthorized commissions and payments, inflated claims, cash and other forms of bribery, part of the allocated funds for the upgrade will invariably find its way into the pockets of these individuals. Don't believe me? Just look at Prime Minister cum Finance Minister Najib Razak ( the Defense Minister when the MiGs were bought ) and his 1MDB scandal involving USD700 million of "donations" deposited into his personal bank account. Everything else pales in comparison.

I cannot help but wonder if this is the real reason why the Malaysians wanted to upgrade the moribund MiG-29 and so many attempts to decommission the aircraft over the past few years have all failed, one way or another. Because there is money to be made, the Fulcrums get to live on. They are like the proverbial cat with nine lives. Perhaps Malaysia's MiG-29N should be renamed Kucing instead of Fulcrum. Kucing is Malay for cat. Long Live the Fulcrum. Banzai!" http://daisetsuzan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/malaysias-mig-29n-fulcrum-most-tenacious.html

Interesting little article. One might draw certain conclusions with regard to the F35. Just relace Mig29 in the quote with F35 and millions with billions. F35 has got to be the most glaring example of national sabotage since...well you name it!

US TacAir is phukked. As planned since 1970. I mean you can only survive so many F111 scale debacles and recover. As plotted USofA corp is heading for a massive and I mean gargantuan, TSR2 moment. With nothing to fall back on.

You ain't gonna get no mokkerphuther new bomber assholes!!

The MiG29 might be old but the current US fleet is time expired and the F18 is a crap steroidal warped mutant of 50+ years vintage in conception. FFS at least the Boulton Paul Defiant disasters were outnumbered by capable airframes like Hurricanes and Spitfires in service, in place, in adequate quantity and piloted by geezers who didn't have PC commisars running sabotage back at the homestead!!