Thursday, 21 January 2016

Go tell the Etruscans

SNAFU!: F-35's latest war winning edge? Cognitive Electro...: via Defense One. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive weapons program ever , won’t justify its price tag by outmaneuverin...

"Then Cleanor the Arcadian, being the eldest of the generals, made answer that they would die sooner than give up their arms. And Proxenus the Theban said: “For my part, Phalinus, I wonder whether the King is asking for our arms on the assumption that he is victorious, or simply as gifts, on the assumption that we are his friends. For if he asks for them as victor, why need he ask for them, instead of coming and taking them?1 But if he desires to get them by persuasion, let him set forth what the soldiers will receive in case they do him this favour.”"

After c2500 years the gamers know that all you need do is sabotage Cleanor's weapons at the forge by killing the fires ever so lightly.

I cannot think of one weapon system that has delivered for USofA corp since 1970. Indeed since 1970 the treaty of Rome seems to have put the brake on USofA corp successfully.

Of course your correspondent is ignoring the trials and tribulations of P47s, F86s, Midways, M48s and all the other good things that good men gave to good men to beat the bounds of freedom. Now adays the infoworriers have got their hands on systems as theft theory and gamed everything to shit whilst drowning in liquor and stolen lucre. What a threat to global anarchic oligarchy USofA corp was to the creepzoids in 1950. All gone.

Unlike 1941 there is no time for taking a sows ear and making a diamond dog out of it.