Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hyperlittoral War Watch. T-4 and closing.

As I was saying yesterday

the idea that any paid for geopolitical strategist is any good is laughable. They are paid to make sure that the ordinary person has no idea how the real world works. Their bosses’ boss would make sure they were indigent and shunned if the did not. The 21st century equivalent of a CHEKA lead pill express delivery and lime filled pit in the Katyn Woods.

Von Clausewitz was only partially correct. He really needed to under stand money as sacrament. But that is another holy order of magnitude not for Apirutoady.

So today we will stare at the big picture as seen from the orbital weapons platform. Stare at the social engineering by other means that is about to be unleashed.

As I said years ago the US is effectively dead in the water. All manoeuvre powers are with the opponent and as such we need to ask ourselves what is their next real move?

First thing we can trash is the simple minded ideas, of Zbig the Polakphukkedwitz and his side kick Heinrich the blood soaked Nobel Peace Prize winner, about geopolitics. All they have ever said is studiously tailored academic bollox for the times they thieved in.

No; instead of doing a forensic and following the money. Do a psychoprofiler and work out where you would put the money.

The most important consideration here is that the POTUS is now a bitchboy traitor. No matter who is POTUS the armed forces are to be hung out to dry. You’ve already had the equivalent of 1930s Red Army terror clearing out the remaining nonboybitches. Right now there is nothing but a symposium praetorian slaked in sex at the watch.

In this regard I tend to the view of CA-F with regard to the ineffectuality of large complex man made systems. Useless to you and me but ideally responsive to those who have paid for them to display such characteristics.

If real estate is of value then it is not so much land as square miles of surface. Your foot print for the sky. SDI to you and me. Though not as Ronnie would know it. More as Nelson might. Blockade.

Anyway when punch comes to shuv the next hitting the beach move beyond the first island defence chain will be here.

Now I know you are all going puce and demanding that since I don’t know what I’m on about some high velocity lead gloving ought to be administered to your humble correspondent, however just wander through Sol’s excellent item’s comments regarding the 1980s and SSNs.

Do you really think that there is anything to stop there being a sudden shortage of reactor fuel in USofA corp in 2020?

Nope. Expect your SSNs to be compromised and at least one to get taken out under “mysterious” and “stealthily engineered” circumstances.

Where do you think you live? Dr Stangeloveland or Seven Days in Mayville? No. No. NO! You live in Carry on up the Kybermall!!!
ChiComm Marines are not to be interfered with, London demands it, out between the first island defence chain and the first island defence chain. You read that correctly Dum Kopf. Get up to speed.

The current strategy is not victory but maximum death, most likely by starvation by and through blockade, to engender a failed attempt at relief, to ensure more death and destruction of knowledge.

I know that this is mizz. However all we have ever had is scalable death and right now that worldview has reached the ends of the earth and its unhappy bounds are dissolved.

To make this as clear as possible for the temporal afflicted, the geezers whom the of the bosses of  the bosses of Goldmansucks report to hate all humanity.

This is an unhappythought but peace has never been allowed where moneyhasbeenmadeflesh.