Thursday, 28 January 2016

HWW:Kerry visit to help “eliminate doubts between two countries”: Chinese FM

Kerry visit to help “eliminate doubts between two countries”: Chinese FM: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said he hoped Kerry's visit would help 'eliminate doubts between the two countries'.

Who said that the World Island was the limits to ambition?

Who is not to say that this guy was talking rubbish over a hundred years ago.

On a cold London evening in January 1904, Sir Halford Mackinder, the director of the London School of Economics, “entranced” an audience at the Royal Geographical Society on Savile Row with a paper boldly titled “The Geographical Pivot of History.” This presentation evinced, said the society’s president, “a brilliancy of description… we have seldom had equaled in this room.”

And he knew it, just like Zbig und cru.

So our foundation bitchboys are likely just checking that their watches are synchronised for weedkill.

By the time the hyperlittoral war is over the ScientologyMormon Synod Moonbases and Patagonian Bahai’I Mars colonies will be directing their energies to the stars and sending aid back for the chosen few that survived the wreckage of the World Island, perhaps.